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The Snowden files: facts and figures - video animation

The NSA files revealed by Edward Snowden have thrown up a fascinating collection of statistics. How much data is collected and from what ... tags: alex_purcellchris_clarkedata_and_computer_securitydata_protectiongchqmona_chalabinsa

The NSA and surveillance ... made simple - video animation

Confused about the NSA revelations Do you wonder how the activities of GCHQ and the NSA affect you Why spies have been monitoring Facebook, ... tags: applecomputingdata_protectiongchqgooglejames_balljemima_kiss

NSA Files Decoded: 'Everyone is a target. The government is collecting information about everybody' ...

'If you've done nothing wrong, you shouldn't be worried.' No, that's not the way our American system works, says US congresswoman Zoe ...

European Parliament votes to suspend its SWIFT data...

The European Parliament has voted to suspend its SWIFT data exchange agreement with the US.They've called for US access to the SWIFT ...

NSA Files: Decoded – coming soon to the Guardian

'Emails, web browsing activity, telephone calls, satellite phone calls any kind of communication, the NSA wants it.' But what does this ...

7 Days: A bold response required to spying abuses - Going beyond 2020 emissions goals

Axel Voss discusses the dangers and uses of data surveillance, and the EU should strive to be the most ambitious power in reducing CO2 ...

USB Condom Helps Smartphone Users Practice Safe Charging

Smartphone users looking for a quick charge in a public place could expose their devices to malicious data hackers.

Tech Talk: 11/04

Tech Talk is in Mexico City at the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners where people are arguing over the ... tags: Data_ProtectionLarry_MagidNews_PoliticsPrivacy

IBM Tivoli Security Solutions and a Proactive Approach to Security and Security Law

Video 'IBM Tivoli Security Solutions and a Proactive Approach to Security and Security Law' from ibmservicemanagement Preventing data loss ... tags: cloud_computingcloud_securitycostcritical_application_defensedata_protectionData_Protection_Actdecrease_downtime