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Danny Boyle Videos - 4 by Popular

Teaser #1

127 Hours 2010 - Teaser 1 - Based on the true story of mountain climber, Aron Ralston James Franco, who becomes trapped under a boulder ... tags: Amber_TamblynAron's_DadAron's_FriendAron_RalstonBailee_Michelle_JohnsonBlue_JohnBoy_on_Sofa

Music Video: If I Rise

127 Hours 2010 - Music Video If I Rise - Scenes from 127 Hours serve as a backdrop against A.R. Rahman and Dido8217s song, 8220If I ... tags: Amber_TamblynAron's_DadAron's_FriendAron_RalstonBailee_Michelle_JohnsonBlue_JohnBoy_on_Sofa


127 Hours 2010 - Sunlight - While stuck between the rock and the cave wall, Aron James Franco has a sense memory of his Dad Treat Williams ... tags: Amber_TamblynAron's_DadAron's_FriendAron_RalstonBailee_Michelle_JohnsonBlue_JohnBoy_on_Sofa

Aron's Bag

127 Hours 2010 - Aron's Bag - Aron James Franco empties the contents of his bag searching for an idea on how to dislodge his arm from the ... tags: Amber_TamblynAron's_DadAron's_FriendAron_RalstonBailee_Michelle_JohnsonBlue_JohnBoy_on_Sofa

Aron Falls

127 Hours 2010 - Aron Falls - While rock climbing, Aron James Franco falls between two cave walls when a boulder becomes loose. tags: Amber_TamblynAron's_DadAron's_FriendAron_RalstonBailee_Michelle_JohnsonBlue_JohnBoy_on_Sofa

I Don't Think We Figured in His Day

127 Hours 2010 - I Don't Think We Figured in His Day - Kristi Kate Mara and Mara Amber Tamblyn invite Aron James Franco to a party, but ... tags: Amber_TamblynAron's_DadAron's_FriendAron_RalstonBailee_Michelle_JohnsonBlue_JohnBoy_on_Sofa

I Love You

127 Hours 2010 - I Love You - While trapped, Aron James Franco hallucinates partying in a car in the dead of winter with a former lover. tags: Amber_TamblynAron's_DadAron's_FriendAron_RalstonBailee_Michelle_JohnsonBlue_JohnBoy_on_Sofa

Mark Is Infected

28 Days Later... 2002 - Mark Is Infected - When an attack leaves Mark Noah Huntley infected, Selena Naomie Harris has no choice. tags: Brendan_GleesonChristopher_EcclestonCillian_MurphyCorporal_MitchellDanny_BoyleFrankHannah

Trial by Fire Bomb

28 Days Later... 2002 - Trial by Fire Bomb - When being chased by crazed zombies, Jim Cillian Murphy is rescued by fire-bombing commandos. tags: Brendan_GleesonChristopher_EcclestonCillian_MurphyCorporal_MitchellDanny_BoyleFrankHannah

Longer Than a Heartbeat

28 Days Later... 2002 - Longer Than a Heartbeat - Jim Cillian Murphy rescues Selena Naomie Harris from a soldier. tags: Brendan_GleesonChristopher_EcclestonCillian_MurphyCorporal_MitchellDanny_BoyleFrankHannah

Changing a Tire

28 Days Later... 2002 - Changing a Tire - The group manages to change their tire just as an infected horde arrives. tags: Brendan_GleesonChristopher_EcclestonCillian_MurphyCorporal_MitchellDanny_BoyleFrankHannah