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Danny Boyle Videos - 3 by Popular

Tourist Trap

The Beach 2000 - Tourist Trap - The guards find a group of American tourists in the marijuana fields and shoot them dead, while Richard ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

Richard's Worldview

The Beach 2000 - Richard's Worldview - Richard Leonardo DiCaprio explains his motivations for traveling adventures as he arrives in Bangkok ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

Photographing the Night Sky

The Beach 2000 - Photographing the Night Sky - Richard Leonardo DiCaprio and Francoise Virginie Ledoyen sit on the beach flirting and ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

Richard's Hallucination

The Beach 2000 - Richard's Hallucination - Alone in the jungle, Richard Leonardo DiCaprio eats a caterpillar and hallucinates that he joins ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

The Unloaded Gun Backfires

The Beach 2000 - The Unloaded Gun Backfires - To the dismay of the other travelers, Sal Tilda Swinton shows her willingness to shoot ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

Night Swimming

The Beach 2000 - Night Swimming - Richard Leonardo DiCaprio and Francoise Virginie Ledoyen swim amid glowing shrimp and kiss for the first ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

Shark Scare

The Beach 2000 - Shark Scare - While swimming to the island, tienne Guillaume Canet tells Richard Leonardo DiCaprio he saw a shark fin ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

The Beach - Trailer #1

The Beach 2000 - Trailer 1 - Richard Leonardo DiCaprio discovers a secret, forbidden island community. tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

Cliff Diving

The Beach 2000 - Cliff Diving - While the boys argue at the cliff8217s edge, Francoise Virginie Ledoyen takes charge by jumping headlong ... tags: ÉtienneChristoDaffyDanny_BoyleFrançoiseGregorioGuillaume_Canet

We Have to Do It Again

127 Hours 2010 - We Have to Do It Again - Aron James Franco takes a plunge into a cave pond and convinces his two girlfriends to join him. tags: Amber_TamblynAron's_DadAron's_FriendAron_RalstonBailee_Michelle_JohnsonBlue_JohnBoy_on_Sofa

I Can Shave 45 Minutes Off

127 Hours 2010 - I Can Shave 45 Off - Aron James Franco races to shave forty five off his ride to Blue John Canyon which is estimated to ... tags: Amber_TamblynAron's_DadAron's_FriendAron_RalstonBailee_Michelle_JohnsonBlue_JohnBoy_on_Sofa

127 Hours - Trailer #1

127 Hours 2010 - Trailer 1 - Based on a true story, a mountain climber James Franco becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering ... tags: Amber_TamblynAron's_DadAron's_FriendAron_RalstonBailee_Michelle_JohnsonBlue_JohnBoy_on_Sofa