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A Conversation with Anna Lappé about Our Food System

CUpS Food News-Part 2, continuing the conversation with Anna Lapp, the question that arises, what is the proper role for government to play ... tags: anna_lappeclimate_changecookingcottondan_imhofffarm_billFood_Drink

A Conversation with Dan Imhoff: An Introduction to the Farm Bill-Part 1

The 2007 Farm Bill legislation will cost taxpayers 90 billion dollars in farm subsidies, and will only benefit a small percentage of ... tags: 2007_farm_billbillcitizenscommodity_cropscookingdan_imhofffarm

A Conversation With Dan Imhoff-Part 2: Historical Roots and Evolution of the Farm Bill

The Farm Bill comes up for renewal every 5 to 7 years. But upon passage, that is just the beginning of a yearly battle for allocation of ... tags: 2007_farm_billbillcitizenscommodity_cropsdan_imhofffarmfarming

Oregon Food Bank: Hunger & Food Insecurity In Epic Proportions-2 (video)

EditorialIf America is the greatest nation in the worldand there are many who feel we may justifiably consider ourselves sowhy can8217t we ... tags: 4featuresartisanArtsArts_Foodcheeseconsolidation_of_wealthdan_imhoff

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations—CAFO's: Dan Imhoff Speaks Out (video)

He looked down at the tangled wet hair, the wild, bare, animal shoulders. He was amazed, bewildered, and afraid. He had never thought of ... tags: agricultureanimalanimal_crueltyartisanArtsArts_FoodCAFO

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations—CAFO's: Dan Imhoff Speaks Out-2 (video)

EditorialIn part 2, Dan Imhoff continues his talk about CAFO8217s to a Friends of Family Farmers audience concerned about the health and ... tags: agricultureanimalanimal_crueltyartisanArtsArts_FoodCAFO

CAFO's: Dan Imhoff Speaks Out-2

In part 2, Dan Imhoffs talk centers around ideas that are found in his new book, CAFO. A collection of thought provoking essays and gut ... tags: agricultureanimal_crueltycafocattlechickenscooking_up_a_storycorporate_megafarms

CAFO's: Dan Imhoff Speaks Out

As Dan Imhoff explains in part 1 of this videothe toll of these CAFO operations upon local communities, public health, and the environment ... tags: agricultureanimal_crueltycafocattlechickenscorporate_megafarmsdairy_cows

Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations?CAFO: Dan Imhoff Speaks Out

The great modern scientific achievements of the 20th century that brought us life saving antibiotics, synthetic fertilizers, vitamin ... tags: agricultureanimalanimal_crueltyArtsArts_Foodcafocattle

Anna Lappe Climate Change, Industrial Agriculture, and Conversion to a Climate Friendly Food System

In part 2, Anna Lapp, author of the new book, Diet for a Hot Planet, describes her view of the proper role for government to play toward ... tags: anna_lappeclimate_changecooking_up_a_storycottondan_imhofffarm_billfood_news

Dan Imhoff: Wh The Farm Bill Is So Important?

Part 5 olitics can often seem far removed from our present reality sometimes, far removed from reality itself. How many of us know much ... tags: 2007_farm_billArtsArts_Foodbillcitizenscommodity_foodscooking