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Sharon Osbourne Tells 'The View' Ladies to 'F*** Themselves'

You either like 'The View' or 'The Talk,' there's really no in between. Well, apparently Sharon Osbourne is on the same page as the rest of ...

IllSkillz - Gifts & Curses

IllSkillz - Gifts Curses

Ep09 - Surgery in the Parlour

Justine knows that something monstrous will happen if she leaves her Dad alone with their guest. Join her for a sleepless night of mystery ...

Street Sweeper Social Club - 100 Little Curses - Official Video

Street Sweeper Social Club - 100 Little Curses, taken from the album, 'Street Sweeper Social Club' Out now on Cooking Vinyl Records, tags: 100ClubCookingCursesLittleofficialSocial

Teenage Triple Murderer Curses Out; Flips Off Victim's Families | NewsBreaker | OraTV

T.J. Lane, the teenager convicted of the killing three students at an Ohio high school in a shooting rampage last year, has been sentenced ... tags: CursesDigitalFlipsMurdererNewsBreakerOraOraTV

I Don't Know What Moved Into My Futon

When Yachi Haruaki's dad sends him a mysterious cube from abroad, his life is turned upside-down by its contents - a mysterious being named ... tags: animationanimec3cubecuriouscursedcurses

Where, What, Something

After an exciting first day of high school, Fear's true nature is brought to light by a violent outsider bent on destroying her. tags: animationanimec3cubecuriouscursedcurses

The Antimony of Their Temperatures

Wracked by guilt over her past actions, Fear runs away. Haruaki is forced to track her down before she does something drastic. tags: animationanimec3cubecuriouscursedcurses

At Night, a Mother and a Hugging Pillow

Haruaki and Fear are faced with a life-and-death decision when Mummymaker pays them a visit. tags: animationanimec3cubecuriouscursedcurses

Even if I'm Cursed

The final battle between the maniacal Worse Hunter Peavey Barowoi and Fear happens just as Yachi and Konoha are sidelined Making matters ... tags: animationanimec3cubecuriouscursedcurses