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let's play ElSMB3 #008 icy text mania 2

oh noes not more texting shenanigans in the ice world tags: 008 and but cuberootinbinary darmn elsmb3 fell

let's play ElSMB3 #007 more video cheating FTW

reduxed 1-4 is reduxed but I don't rememberize until I look at elblocko's vids tags: 007 and at cheat cuberootinbinary elsmb3 even

let's play ElSMB3 #006 pete and repete got lost in cave

but pete found his way, looks like we know who's lost tags: 006 1ups 99 at be because but

let's play ElSMB3 #005 texting with pool experts

very distracting when you're trying to make progress tags: 005 biggest can championship clearing cuberootinbinary distract

let's play ElSMB3 #001 something I wanted to LP for quite a while

yes I know I said I was quitting LPs, but I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to do this one, thanks ElBlocko for this innovative mod ... tags: 001 against altogether and another but count

let's play ElSMB3 #004 return of santa claus fish

appetite changed from milk and cookies to mario and luigi tags: 004 ahead but cuberootinbinary dangers eat elsmb3

update/4 year history of inspiration

update on my channel and how I plan to do stuff in the future as well as the inspiration of what I loved about youtube for 4 years about tags: about and anything are bad but cant

fictional heated name calling argument between 2 people episode 1 (dialogue captions only)

this is a brand new debut of something I plan to do a lot of in the near future where 2 people argue over rubbish and start losing their ... tags: argument between calling cuberootinbinary issues lose name