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Video: Baker Says Regulatory Overhaul Won't `Change the System': Video

April 21 Bloomberg -- Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, talks with Bloomberg's Matt Miller and Carol ... tags: Business,Economy,GovernmentColumbia,EnglishCrisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickersFirms,SyndicatedGovernment,United

Video: Wells Fargo's Atkins Discusses Regulatory Overhaul Bill: Video

April 21 Bloomberg -- Howard Atkins, chief financial officer of Wells Fargo Co., talks with Bloomberg's Carol Massar about legislation ... tags: Business,Economy,GovernmentColumbia,EnglishCrisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickersExcerpts,Television,U.S.Firms,Syndicated

Video: Corker Says Financial-Rules Bill Talks Going `Very Well': Video

April 21 Bloomberg -- U.S. Senator Bob Corker, a Tennessee Republican and a member of the Senate Banking Committee, talks with Bloomberg's ... tags: Affairs,Business,Financial_IndustryColumbia,EnglishComm,Crisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickers

Video: Fuld Says He Didn't Assume Lehman Would Be Bailed Out: Video

April 20 Bloomberg -- Richard Fuld, former chief executive officer of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., testifies before the U.S. House ... tags: Affairs,BusinessColumbia,EnglishCrisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickersEvents,New

Video: Issa Questions Timing of Goldman Sachs Lawsuit From SEC: Video

April 20 Bloomberg -- U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, a Republican from California, talks with Bloomberg's Peter Cook about the timing of ... tags: Affairs,BusinessColumbia,EnglishComm,Crisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickers

Video: Scott Talbott Discusses Overhaul of U.S. Financial Rules: Video

April 19 Bloomberg -- Scott Talbott, senior vice president of government affairs at the Financial Services Roundtable, talks with ... tags: Business,Economy,GovernmentColumbia,EnglishCrisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickersFirms,SyndicatedGovernment,United

Video: Javers Says Blankfein Attempting to `Rally His Troops': Video

April 19 Bloomberg -- Eamon Javers, author and financial correspondent at Politico, talks with Bloomberg's Betty Liu about Goldman Sachs ... tags: Affairs,Business,EconomyCity,NewColumbia,EnglishComm,Crisis,DistrictCrunch,

Video: Javers Discusses Rubin's Influence With Obama Team: Video

April 8 Bloomberg -- Eamon Javers, financial correspondent at, talks with Bloombergs Mark Crumpton and Lori Rothman about the ... tags: BusinessColumbia,EnglishCrisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickersFirms,SyndicatedGovernment,United

Video: Gary Townsend Discusses Financial Crisis, FCIC Hearings: Video

April 8 Bloomberg -- Gary Townsend, president and chief executive officer of Hill-Townsend Capital LLC, talks with Bloombergs Betty Liu and ... tags: AssetsColumbia,EnglishCrisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickersDept,Estate,

Video: Bogle Discusses Greenspan Testimony on Financial Crisis: Video

April 7 Bloomberg -- John Bogle, president of Bogle Financial Markets Research Center and founder of the Vanguard Group, talks with ... tags: Banks,Congress,BusinessColumbia,EconomicCrisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickersEconomy,U.S.

Video: Florance Says Commercial Defaults May Rise in 2012: Video

April 7 Bloomberg -- Andrew Florance, president and chief executive officer of CoStar Group Inc., talks with Bloombergs Mark Crumpton and ... tags: Banks,CompanyBusinessColumbia,EconomicCrisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickersEconomies,Credit

Video: Patrikis Discusses Greenspan Testimony at Crisis Panel: Video

April 7 Bloomberg -- Ernie Patrikis, a partner at White Case LLP, talks with Bloomberg's Lori Rothman about former Federal Reserve ... tags: Banks,Congress,Columbia,EconomicCrisis,DistrictCrunch,cstickersEconomy,U.S.Excerpts,Television,Top