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Evacúan a miles por erupción del volcán Sinabung en la isla de Sumatra

Cientos de familias asentadas en las proximidades del volcn Sinabung, de la isla de Sumatra, en Indonesia, estn siendo evacuadas a lugares ... tags: craterdesplazadoserupcionevacuacionfamiliasindonesiaisla

Martian Moon Has Weird Grooves On Its Surface

A new 3D video taken by Mars Express shows the weird stripes the surface of Phobos has. Scientists cannot yet explain how those lines ... tags: craterEuropean_Space_AgencyExplorationimpactMars_ExpressMoonsPhobos

'Door To Hell' Crater Won't Stop Burning

Scientists set fire to a crater in 1971 thinking it would burn out in a few days. More than 40 years later, the crater is still burning. tags: burning_cratercraterderwezedoor_to_helldoor_to_hell_craterfiery_craterflaming_crater

Door to Hell - the fiery crater that won't stop burning

Astonishing night time images of the Door To Hell, a fiery crater caused by a drilling blunder that has baffled scientists after its been ... tags: BlazeburningCraterDoorDrillingFieryGas

Under the volcano in Indonesia

ROUGH CUT NO REPORTER NARRATION STORY A volcano erupted for the third time in as many months on the western Indonesian island of Sumatra, ...

Mount Etna volcano erupts sending lava and ash into sky

Europe's tallest and most active volcano Mount Etna has erupted, sending a vast plume of smoke and lava into the sky. Report by Johnstons. ...

NASA 'detects ice' in moon crater

University and NASA scientists examining the moon claim to have detected small quantities of ice in a crater at its south pole.They found ... tags: craterdetectseuronewsicemoonNASASpace

Mars surface: Curiosity rover beams back new colour photos

Nasa has released new photographs of the surface of Mars, including the Gale Crater, taken by the Curiosity rover. Report by Datta-Paulins. ... tags: cratergaleMarsmartiannasaplanetred

Curiosity rover sends back first 360 degree image

NASA's 'Curiosity' rover sent back Thursday the first 360-degree colour view of the planet Mar's surface from Gale Crater. tags: AlienCraterCuriosityExplorationGaleMissionProgramme

Mouth of a deadly sink hole

This is the mouth of the deadly sink hole that swallowed a man as he slept at his home in Florida. This video was shot when the incident ... tags: ChapmancraterdeadlyMouthPaulreportsslept

First human voice beamed from another planet

The Mars rover Curiosity has made history by beaming the first audio recording of a human voice back to earth from the surface of another ... tags: CraterCuriosityGalehumanMarsrecordingrover

Volcanic Crater

Spectacular footage from above the volcanic crater tags: abovecraterfootagefromspectacularvolcanic