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Councils Videos - 4 by Popular

Arbitration Bill - Keith Porteous Wood, National Secular Society

Keith Porteous Wood of the National Secular Society voices his support for the Arbitration and Mediation Services Equality Bill, a Private ... tags: arbitration baroness caroline councils courts cox discrimination

Bill to tackle Sharia Courts

A Private Members Bill introduced to House of Lords on 7 June 2011 by Baroness Cox to tackle the problem of discrimination against women ... tags: arbitration baroness calvert caroline christian councils courts

Here Comes Radical Change: Future of Public Services, Demographics -- Keynote Speaker

07/21/11 Patrick Dixon -- conference keynote speaker -- impact of demographics, birth rates, youth, urban migration and ... tags: acet aids authority care charity community councils

Davos Annual Meeting 2009 - The Global Agenda for 2009

11/04/10 01.02.2009 The Global Agenda for 2009 The View from Davos The Co-Chairs of the Annual Meeting and Global Agenda Council ... tags: 2009AgendaAnnanAnnualCouncilsDavosdavos09


Just before the Jaffa Nation holds its elections, two of the council's devout supporters of democracy announce that they no longer condone ... tags: alienalternative_historyBra\'taccouncil\'scultdemocracydevout

Councils may recoup Iceland losses

Councils who thought they had lost millions of pounds following the collapse of the Icelandic banking system may now get most of their ... tags: BBCCouncilsIcelandlossesmayNewsrecoup

Councils accused of negligence

The Audit Commission's accused councils for being negligent after depositing money in Icelandic banks days before their collapse.. Follow ... tags: bankscouncilsdepositsglitniricelandlandsbanki

Watchdog slams councils over Iceland investments

Local authorities who made deposits in Icelandic banks days before they collapsed have been branded negligent by the National Audit ... tags: bankscouncilsdepositsglitniricelandlandsbanki

Councils criticised for Iceland losses

Seven English councils have been accused of 'negligence' for putting money into Icelandic banks days before they went bust last ... tags: BBCCouncilscriticisedforIcelandlossesNews