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Cosplay Videos - 3 by Popular

Daft Punk Fans Cosplaying Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger

Tony and Adam took their love of Daft Punk a bit further than you average fan. tags: CosplayCosplay_BoomDaft_PunkMusic

The King of Joker Cosplay

By Shot by Executive Producer Todd Kenreck and Meagan Sadler. No cosplayer has ever more embodied the Clown Prince Of Crime like Athony ... tags: BatmanComicsCosplayCosplay_BoomD.C._UniverseJokerThe_Joker

Say Hi To The Draugr Deathlords

Shot By .Bill and Brittany Duran of show off their new Draugr costumes from The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim and talk about Bill's prop making ... tags: CosplayCosplay_BoomSkyrimThe_Elder_Scrolls_Online

Loki Cosplayer Trying To Free Us From Freedom

Shot By Executive Producer Todd Kenreck and Meagan Sadler. His favorite character is Tony Stark but it turns out he was born to cosplay as ... tags: CosplayCosplay_BoomLokiMarvelMarvel_ComicsThor

League of Legends Couple Cosplay As Jayce and Cassiopeia

This married couple went all out at the League of Legends World Championship this year. By Todd Kenreck. tags: CosplayCosplay_BoomLeague_of_Legends

League of Legends Cosplayer taking it to the next level

Costume Designer and Cosplayer Brittany Cox shows off her Elise cosplay from League of Legends and talks about her love of a good ... tags: CosplayCosplay_BoomLeague_of_Legends

Dear Rageaholic #3 - Atlus, Cosplay, and Politics: Oh My!

QA with BALLS. Many thanks to all my fellow Rageaholics that sent in answers. Apologies for the fluctuating volume at times, I'm still ... tags: AnimeCosplayPoliticsQARazörFistThe_RageaholicVideo_game_development

League of Legends Cosplayers Arcade Sona and Frosted Ezreal Spotlight

We talk with two League of Legends cosplayers about why they cosplay and what it took to make their costumes at PAX Prime 2013. tags: Arcade_SonaCosplayCosplay_BoomFrosted_AzraelLeague_of_Legends

BioShock Big Daddy Balloon Makes A Big Impact

Shot by Executive Producer Todd Kenreck and Meagan Sadler. Emilie C dressed up as a Little Sister from BioShock, but the real surprise is ... tags: BioShockBioShock_2BioShock_InfiniteCosplayCosplay_Boom

Cosplayer Suits Up For Charity While Dealing With PTSD

How cosplayers can earn money for your favorite charity. tags: CosplayCosplay_BoomStar_Wars