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2011-11-13 Epileptic seizures - turmoil hidden from view

Melbourne author Suzanne Yanko has written a self-published book called Epilepsy in the Family. She talks about different types of ... tags: absence_seizureactivism_and_lobbyingaurabraincommunity_and_societyconsciousnessconvulsions

Bye Spiked Sad Face

This is how I feel about Spiked getting shut down.Rated 4.5005 / 5 438 views despair sadness confusion convulsions distress depression tags: confusionconvulsionsdepressiondespairdistresssadness

woman takes Flu vaccine now she cant walk forward

Doctors have confirmed that a seasonal flu vaccine led to a Virginia woman becoming severely disabled as actors Jim Carrey and Jenny ... tags: cheerleaderconvulsionsDesireefluinfowarsJenningslike

How to Deal with Convulsions and Seizures

In this video, learn some first aid advice, such as how to deal with convulsions and seizures. tags: childrenchildren'sConvulsionsdealDealingfirst_aid_adviceHealth_First_Aid

How to Deal with Convulsions

If you child goes rigid and starts shaking and foaming at the mouth these could be the symptoms of a febrile convulsion, caused by a rise ... tags: childchildrenconvulsionConvulsionsDealhasHealth_First_Aid

Meningitis and Febrile Convulsions in Children

Su Laurent explains what is meningitis and febrile convulsions in children, and what to do if your children have those conditions. tags: ChildrenConvulsionsFebrilefebrile_convulsionsHealth_PediatricsMeningitismeningitis_in_children

Paul Marshall's SXSW Video Diary (Day 6)

Features me and Danny North basically.I nearly had to go to hospital after eating the hottst sauce on the planet and so didnt get to see ... tags: 2009AustinCollapsingconvulsionsDannyDiaryHot

Compilacion de MMA brutal

a veces la cosas se ponen feas Compilation of Brutal MMA Fights and Knockouts accidents accidente fractura sangre ... tags: accidenteaccidentsBrutalCompilationconvulsionesConvulsionsdeath

video outtakes - getting the last shot

Fri, 28 Nov 2008 225243 -0800outtakes ....trying to get the last shot this was a big pain in the original plan was to get a ... tags: agonyartsballetbellypunchbrawlcatfightchoking

video outtakes strangling

Fri, 28 Nov 2008 225243 -0800heres are a few strangle scenes we shot. strangle scenes are always easy to shoot, because the girl getting ... tags: agonyartsballetbellypunchbrawlcatfightchoking

video OUTTAKES - squaring off -

Fri, 28 Nov 2008 233150 -0800circling each other and squaring off. i got it from a few angles, plus a shot of just their feet as they ... tags: agonyartsbackbreakerballetbellypunchbrawlcatfight