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A plea for pets to keep the costumes off

'Sunday Morning' contributor Conor Knighton comments on why it's wrong to dress up your pet in a costume for Halloween.

An issue with magazines?

Commentator Conor Knighton takes us around the world via rare magazine publications he has collected over the years.

Taking Aim at Hunting Shows

Conor Knighton's investigation reveals that TV hunting shows evidently believe children are their future teach them well how to shoot a ... tags: audiencebear_gryllsClipscomedyConor_knightonfunnyhuntin’_southern_style

The Cake Show Phenomenon

Host Conor Knighton takes the cake in his hilarious roundup of the cake show phenomenon sweeping the networks. tags: Ace_of_CakesBaking_ShowsCake_BossComedyConor_KnightonCupcake_WarsCurrent_TV

Fainting On Television

Host Conor Knighton offers humorously constructive advice on how to not faint on television. tags: ComedyConor_KnightonCurrent_TVEntertainmentFaintingFainting_on_TVFunny

Jersey Sharks, Drunken Criminals, Maury Math and Tasteless Tweets

In this roundup of the most outrageous and hilarious media moments of the week, host Conor Knighton checks out what happens when you watch ... tags: BacheloretteClinton_WeddingcomedyConor_KnightonCurrent_TVentertainmentinfoMania

Extreme Claims of Extremeness On Extreme TV

The X-Games aren't the only ones using 'extreme' as a means to market themselves. From soap to bowling alleys to TV shows about poodles, ... tags: ComedyConor_KnightonCurrent_TVEntertainmentExtremeExtreme_BraExtreme_Poodles

Jersey Sharks, Sissies, Lady Cops and Other Extremely Entertaining Television

Host Conor Knighton and comedic crew wickedly skewer the week in media. Check out 'Jersey Shore,' 'Shark Week,' Sarah Palin on 'manhood,' ... tags: 3DBacheloretteBen_HoffmanClinton_WeddingComedyConor_KnightonCurrent_TV

Anime Expo is Comic-Con Before It Sold Out

Our resident geek Brett Erlich examines the people behind the costumes behind the phenomenon of Anime. tags: Anime_ExpoBrett_ErlichComedyConor_KnightonCurrent_TVEntertainmentinfoMania

Bristol Palin & Levi Johnston Get Crazy

Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston --our favorite of all of America's sweetfarts--are on the cover of Us Weekly this week and that means the ... tags: Andrew_Jackson_PollackBrett_ErlichBristol_PalinBritney_SpearsBryan_SafiComedyConor_Knighton