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Colin Ferguson (andrew Chase) Videos by Popular

The Book of Danny

Danny is shocked to learn that he is under investigation by the FBI for suspicion of embezzling government funds. tags: accountantAntoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)Aubrey_LangColin_Ferguson_(Andrew_Chase)DramaMelora_Hardin_(Barbara_Arno)Michael_Angarano_(Chance_Arno)

Our Mister Brooks

After an agent is killed during a drug bust, Danny and Barbara search for the shooter, while a birthday party for Chance threatens to blow ... tags: Antoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)BrooksiebustColin_Ferguson_(Andrew_Chase)dealerDramadrung

The Fever Flip

An ex-con, busted before the children were born by Danny and his mysterious ex-partner, seeks revenge on the Arnos. tags: agedAntoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)arnobarbarabroughtCarycase

Perfect Frank

Chance goes under cover as a crackerjack soda jerk in an attempt to shut down bookies operating from an ice cream parlor's back room. tags: Antoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)backbadBetsbookiebookmakingbrother

Beauty Marks

Danny searches for a sweatshop owner, drawing the family into the shallow world of high fashion and beauty contests. tags: agentAntoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)arnobuyercarcarbonCarbon_Monoxide

Home for the Holidays

Danny goes undercover as a cop to catch a crooked police officer, while the family is stalked by a Detective from San Diego. tags: Antoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)blowcaseCassidycityColin_Ferguson_(Andrew_Chase)cover

Domestic Terrorism

The children witness a gangland murder while baby-sitting at a crooked politician's house. tags: Antoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)babysittersColin_Ferguson_(Andrew_Chase)councilmanDramafamilyMelora_Hardin_(Barbara_Arno)

The Line

Chance fears Danny may have gone too far as he watches his father fall under the spell of a beautiful suspect. tags: Antoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)Bryan_Lida_(Friend_#2)Chris_Johnson_(Friend_#1)Colin_Ferguson_(Andrew_Chase)Dean_Butler_(FBI_Agent_#1)Debbie_Grattan_(Jana)Drama

Where Have You Gone, Sandy Koufax?

The Arno family crosses paths with a vengeful nemesis from the past who may still carry a torch for Barbara. tags: Antoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)club_ownerColin_Ferguson_(Andrew_Chase)crookedDramaMelora_Hardin_(Barbara_Arno)Michael_Angarano_(Chance_Arno)

Bazooka Joe

The Arno family fools the local police into believing they've been murdered in order to bring down a local mobster suspected of killing a ... tags: Antoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)Benjamin_RatneRBruce_Hart_(Fisherman)charlieColin_Ferguson_(Andrew_Chase)dealerdiggs

Viva Zapatos

A Cuban soccer player defects to America, but Danny suspects it may be a cover-up to commit terrorist activities on American soil. tags: Aaron_L._Davis_(Cop_#2)Antoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)areanabombChris_Owen_(III)_(Agent_Mace)Colin_Ferguson_(Andrew_Chase)cuba

Just Act Normal (Pilot)

FBI agent Danny Arno enlists the aid of his entire family to help him bring down a mobster who blows up building contractors refusing to ... tags: Antoinette_Picatto_(Ruby_Arno)Colin_Ferguson_(Andrew_Chase)DramaMelora_Hardin_(Barbara_Arno)Michael_Angarano_(Chance_Arno)Peter_Dobson_(Danny_Arno)pilot