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Nientonsoh talks about joining CLG and Playing a New Role

Travis chats with Nientonsoh about joining CLG, a new house, and playing top lane.Features Reviews - Guides - - NASL eSports - Gaming - ...

Doublelift talks Nien's motivation, scrims, and his champ pool

Travis chats with his good buddy Doublelift at the CLG House about bad water, body building, the new CLG team, and more.Features Reviews - ...

HotshotGG talks life after stepping down from the CLG Top Lane

HotshotGG discusses his options after stepping down from his position on CLG, including coaching and more.Features Reviews - Guides - - ...

Doublelift Announces Major Roster Changes to CLG

Straight from Shanghai All Stars 2013, Doublelift talks with Travis Gafford about upcoming changes to the CLG lineupFeatures Reviews - ...

CLG talks fighting against Azure Cats for spot in LCS

Travis catches up with CLG after their match with Azure Cats at the LCS Summer Promotional Tournament.Features Reviews - Guides - - NASL ...

Doublelift talks being back, hating Kelby and not Choking at LCS

Travis chats with his good friend Doublelift to learn more about CLG's preparation for the Promotional Tourney, All-Star boot camp, and ...

Megazero and Nientonsoh talk about their intense match with CLG

Travis chats with Megazero and Nientonsoh after their intense matchup and key battle with CLG at LCS super week.Features Reviews - Guides ...

Doublelift talks all star bootcamp and yogurt smoothies

Travis catches up with his good buddy Doublelift at LCS super week to learn more about the NA All Star boot camp and delicious yogurt ...

Doublelift talks about game against Dignitas and Hair Care

Travis Gafford chats with Doublelift about hair care and CLG's match against Team Dignitas at the LCS Week 9.Features Reviews - Guides - ...

Doublelift talks about wanting to be an NA All Star Selection

Travis chats with Doublelift about what it would mean if he was selected to be the AD Carry for the NA All Star Team for the LCS.Features ...

Doublelift and Aphromoo talk about Bot Lane Tension and more

Travis Gafford chats with Doublelift and Aphromoo at end of week 7 at the NA LCS.

Know Your Role Episode 4 - Jungle with Chauster

Travis chats with CLG's Jungler Chauster to learn more about the current meta for Junglers and insightful advice.