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Shotgun Slade: The Killers Brand 1960

Shotgun Slade The Killers Brand 1960

Shotgun Slade: Backtrack 1960

The CGF Cool Guy Forever Scott Brady stars in another episode of the coolest western ever made for American TV. With a shotgun ready for ...

Shotgun Slade: The Charcoal Bullet 1960

Slade has to work with a rummy sketch artist who witnessed crooks plotting the robbery. Being the only one who can draw a wanted poster the ...

Gangbusters: Chapter 3 Murder Blockade

Murder Blockade is the title of this third action packed chapter of Gangbusters. Can the cool Kent Taylor keep his head under pressure or ...

Gangbusters: Chapter 4 Hangman's Noose

The Hangman's Noose may send shivers up the spines of the spineless, but when you've got the power to make the dead rise, you can tell the ...

Gangbusters: Chapter 6 Under Crumbling Walls

Kent Taylor has super criminal on the radar until slick gives him the slip, Enjoy and share

Gangbusters: Chapter 8 Murder by Proxy

Gangbusters Chapter 8 Murder by Proxy

Gangbusters: Chapter 1 The League of Murdered Men

Gangster with a plan to use dead men as his crime crew. Pretty slick actually. Enjoy and share

Gangbusters: Chapter 13 Law and Order

While Law and Order entitles the final chapter of this exciting Gangbuster serial, we still say crime has a future in this country. In fact ...

Richard Diamond: Picture of Fear 1957

While chilling on a fishing trip, Diamond has a chance to hook up with a hot blonde, only to find she being hounded by two creeps in the ...

Dick Tracy: Hi-Jack 1951

Old twist on a common crime of boosting cars and changing appearance and serial numbers, Tracy and Catchum can't be fooled.

Dick Tracy and BB Eyes 1942

Goofy dude B-B Eyes sometimes B.B. Eyes was one of the creepiest creeps in the strip during the world war. He had small eyes and like ...