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La Minute Sage André Breton

la sage de C.Yvans et Piel est une srie de citations animes tags: artcitationcreationcreativehugopielsagesse

La Minute Sage Victor Hugo

la sage de C.Yvans et Piel est une srie de citations animes. tags: artcitationcreationcreativehugopielsagesse

Busted for Underage Obviousness

A 20-year-old dude tries to leave a busted party with beer in hand. We're guessing that the citation he picked up will cost him more than a ... tags: beerbustedCampus_P.D.Campus_PDcitationdrinkingparty

Poésie sur écoute - épisode 177

Poet Cast 177couter en ligneTlcharger le fichier mp3Clic droit / Enregistrer sous...TlchargementTlcharger le ... tags: ArtsArts_LiteratureArts_Performing_ArtsÉcriturebibliothèquebooksCinéma

Poésie sur écoute - épisode 180

couter en ligneTlchargement 2h25 / mp3 139 MoVa-t'en va-t'en c'est mieux pour tout le monde, est le premier ... tags: AbsenceAmourArtsArts_LiteratureArts_Performing_ArtsÉcriturebibliothèque

Mining Firm Cited For Safety Violations Prior To Miner's Death

Federal investigators continue to look into the accident that killed a miner in north Idaho last week. One new detail that's emerged The ... tags: accidentcitationidahomineminingNews_Politicssafety_violation

Pop Star Busted for Owning a Weed Shop

One of the members of B2K was arrested for running an illegal marijuana dispensary -- and now the police want him to pay over ONE MILLION ... tags: big stash bob marley bump burger king citation cite drugs

Ellen DeGeneres Fights the Law

Ellen DeGeneres was the victim of a meter maid having a BAD day -- because Ellen got stuck with a ticket despite not doing ANYTHING wrong. tags: break broken busy car citation cited fail

The History of General Motors: From Buick, Cadillac and Pontiac to Chevrolet

In this video, we take a look at the history of the American corporation General Motors, which was the world's largest ... tags: auto Automakers automotive bonneville buick cadillac camaro