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Apollo 13 1995 - Re-Entry - Mission control, the astronauts8217 families and the TV audience await a response from the earthbound module. tags: Barbara_LovellBill_PaxtonBlanch_LovellBryce_Dallas_HowardChristian_ClemensonChris_EllisClint_Howard

Just Breathe Normal, Fellas

Apollo 13 1995 - Just Breathe Normal, Fellas - The Apollo 13 crew is relieved when their CO2 level begins to drop. tags: Barbara_LovellBill_PaxtonBlanch_LovellBryce_Dallas_HowardChristian_ClemensonChris_EllisClint_Howard

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Apollo 13 1995 - Square Peg in a Round Hole - Kranz Ed Harris charges his team with a task to make a square cartridge compatible with a ... tags: Barbara_LovellBill_PaxtonBlanch_LovellBryce_Dallas_HowardChristian_ClemensonChris_EllisClint_Howard

A New Mission

Apollo 13 1995 - A New Mission - Kranz Ed Harris and his team toss out the flight plan to focus on the astronauts8217 safe return. tags: Barbara_LovellBill_PaxtonBlanch_LovellBryce_Dallas_HowardChristian_ClemensonChris_EllisClint_Howard

Did You Know the Astronauts in the Fire?

Apollo 13 1995 - Did You Know the Astronauts in the Fire - Lovell8217s Tom Hanks son asks him about a fatal Apollo accident, while Marilyn ... tags: Barbara_LovellBill_PaxtonBlanch_LovellBryce_Dallas_HowardChristian_ClemensonChris_EllisClint_Howard

Apollo 13 - Trailer #1

Apollo 13 1995 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Ron Howard and starring Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon, Gary Sinise, and Ed Harris. Technical ... tags: Barbara_LovellBill_PaxtonBlanch_LovellBryce_Dallas_HowardChristian_ClemensonChris_EllisClint_Howard

It's Been a Privilege Flying With You

Apollo 13 1995 - It's Been a Privilege Flying With You - The astronauts prepare for re-entry while mission control awaits the outcome. tags: Barbara_LovellBill_PaxtonBlanch_LovellBryce_Dallas_HowardChristian_ClemensonChris_EllisClint_Howard

Failure Is Not an Option

Apollo 13 1995 - Failure Is Not an Option - Aaron Loren Dean insists the module conserve its power Kranz Ed Harris is determined not to ... tags: Barbara_LovellBill_PaxtonBlanch_LovellBryce_Dallas_HowardChristian_ClemensonChris_EllisClint_Howard

Duct Tape and Cardboard

Apollo 13 1995 - Duct Tape and Cardboard - Complying with mission control, the astronauts jury-rig a device to purge their module of CO2. tags: Barbara_LovellBill_PaxtonBlanch_LovellBryce_Dallas_HowardChristian_ClemensonChris_EllisClint_Howard

Go for Launch

Apollo 13 1995 - Go for Launch - Flight controllers clear Apollo 13 for launch, and the vessel lifts off. tags: Barbara_LovellBill_PaxtonBlanch_LovellBryce_Dallas_HowardChristian_ClemensonChris_EllisClint_Howard

Suiting Up

Apollo 13 1995 - Suiting Up - The Apollo 13 crew Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon prepares for launch while Kranz Ed Harris receives a ... tags: Barbara_LovellBill_PaxtonBlanch_LovellBryce_Dallas_HowardChristian_ClemensonChris_EllisClint_Howard

Morning Chaos

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Morning Chaos - Jeff John Malkovich tries to avoid Sandy Laurie Metcalf at work and gets irritated when Ulysses ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas