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Millionaires Multiply In China

China is now the 3rd largest population of millionaires in the world, behind the U.S. and Japan. The number of households with more than 1 ... tags: breaking_newschinachina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_newsmillionaires_in_chinaNews

New Media Era Changes News Lifestyle

New media delivery devices, such as the iPhone and the iPad, are changing the way news is delivered and changing the way readers interact ... tags: breaking_newschinachina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_newsipad_newsiphone_news

Online Video Content Crackdown In China

China is cracking down on the broadcasting of foreign content, such as TV shows and cartoons, that are shared online through video sharing ... tags: breaking_newschinachina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_newsNewsonline

A380 Engine Fails / May Leak Oil

An oil leak in Rolls-Royce engines powering the A380 is deemed a likely cause for recent engine failure. tags: a380_oil_leakairbus_a380_newsairbus_newsbreaking_newschinachina_breaking_newschina_focus

From China Traffic Accident To Murder

After a traffic accident in China, a man stabs a woman to death. The case has sparked public outrage. tags: breaking_newschinachina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_newsmurder_and_chinaNews

U.S. - Japan Joint Drills Underway

U.S.-Japan joint military exercises are underway. The drills run for 8 days and are a bi-yearly event. tags: asiabreaking_newschinachina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_newsdrills

Israel Unveils Cyber Unit

Israel unveils its cyber-unit in Tel Aviv to ensure continuity in communications between battlefield units and command. tags: breaking_newschinachina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_newscybercyberwarfare_news

Premier Wen Arrives In India

Chinese Premier Wen arrives in India on a diplomatic mission that includes signing in an economic trade pact worth up to 20 billion USD. tags: breaking_newschinachina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_newsindiaindia_news

Social Network For Charity Launched

A new social network platform, Jumo, helps Facebook users better engage with charitable organizations. Facebook Co-Founder Chris Huges ... tags: breaking_newschinachina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_newsfacebook_and_jumofacebook_news

Extreme Cold Snap and Snow Hits China

An extreme cold snap hits China bringing wide-spread snow fall. Record low temperatures have been set. tags: breaking_newschinachina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_newscoldextreme

China Premier Visits India

Chinese Premier Wen visits India on a diplomatic mission, signs pact on Global Climate Change accountabilities. Improved bilateral ... tags: breaking_newschinachina_and_indiachina_breaking_newschina_focuschina_newsindia_news