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New York lawsuit seeks 'legal personhood' for chimpanzees

An animal rights group has filed a lawsuit in New York demanding 'legal personhood' for chimpanzees. Report by Fosterso. Like us on ... tags: captivitycasechimpchimpanzeechimpanzeeschimpanzees_in_zoochimps_zoo

Chimps Lured From Zoo Area by Ice Cream and Fizzy Drinks

Staff at the Twycross Zoo in Warwickshire were able to successfully lure chimps out of a section of the facility by offering the primates ... tags: cageschimpanzeeschimpscreamescapeicelured

Chimps eat their oats

Filmed on October 10, 2011 - Interview with Dee Masters from Edinburgh Zoo where chimps marked World Porridge Day by tucking into their ... tags: animalsChimpanzeesoatsporridgezoo

Jeremy Taylor - Not a Chimp

Jeremy Taylor, author of 'Not a Chimp' argues that there are actually significant differences betweens humans and chimpanzees and that this ... tags: animalanimalschimpanzeeschimpsevolutionhumansintelligence

Cheeky chimps ask UN Tourism chief for snack

Greedy chimpanzees in Uganda amused Taleb Rifai. The chimps asked the Secretary General of the UN World Tourist Organization for a snack. ... tags: AnimalChimpChimpanzeesFunnyGreedyinMonkey

Garden springs up on chimp island

By Paul WardBlossom, Chippie, Copper, Rosie and Tupolo took turns to investigate the new addition to their island habitat in Blair Drummond ... tags: AlasdairAnimalBlairChimpchimpanzeesDrummondgarden

Baby Born in Chimp Haven: Who's the Daddy?

There is a baby mystery at a Louisiana retirement home for research chimpanzees. tags: birthchimpchimpanzeeschimp_havenFeaturesgivesmales

The Human Spark | So Human, So Chimp | Chimps vs. Kids | PBS

Put to work at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Leipzig, Germany, Alan Alda finds out how children will help -- ... tags: Alan AldaaltruismchimpanzeeschimpscooperationevolutionHuman Spark

Jane Goodall Institute asks to stop using live chimpanzees in ads

Listen to an interview with Jane Lawton, Executive Director, the Jane Goodall Institute of CanadaFrom the press releaseThe Patriots and ... tags: AudioBlogBonnarcanadachimpanzeesCivil_Liberties_Watchgoodall

Chimp Research: The Beginning of the End?

HuffPost Science Correspondent Cara Santa Maria discusses new NIH regulations regarding chimpanzee research. tags: animal_researchanimal_rightsanimal_welfareapescara_santa_mariacarl_saganChimp

Breaking Barriers

This 1986 investigation of SEMA, a Maryland laboratory now known as BIOQUAL, was featured on national television and prompted Dr. Jane ... tags: animal crueltyanimal testinganimalsBIOQUALChimpanzeechimpanzeesDr. Jane Goodall

Study: Chimps Warn Others of Danger

A study of wild chimps shows they're more likely to make alarm calls when other chimps are unaware of danger. tags: chimpanzeeschimps_gossipchimps_theory_of_mindchimp_studychimp_warning_callHealthscience_news