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Do 'Fat Letters' Help Fight Childhood Obesity?

Twenty-one states require schools to measure students' height and weight, then send letters home to parents if the child is overweight. tags: childhood_obesitychildhood_obesity_debatechildrens_healthfat_lettershealth_newsobesityoverweight_children

Saving Infants from NEC Killer Bacteria

NEC is a potentially deadly intestinal condition that strikes in the first weeks of life. But new research is giving NEC babies a fighting ... tags: AttacksBacteriachildrens_healthfromhealthcentralhealthSavingHealth_Pediatrics

New Study Says Video Games Boost Brain Power

Do you or someone you know play videos games for hours at a time Hear how a new university study says playing videos can be good for you tags: benefitsBoostBrainBrain_Activity_Changesbrain_boostBrain_Powerchildrens_health

Growing New Fingers for Gavin

150,000 babies are born with birth defects. It's something most will have to live with for their entire lives. Now, one doctor is helping ... tags: birth_defectschildrens_healthFingersFingers_Birth_DefectFingers_GrowthFinger_CreationFinger_Growth

Stopping the Squeeze: Saving Babies' Brains

Many healthy babies are born with misshapen skulls. While the issue usually goes away with age, one rare potentially deadly condition can ... tags: babiesBabies'baby_brainsbornBrainschildrens_healthfrom

Children's Diet and Health

Get children's health tips at The Doctors' weekly USA Weekend HealthSmart column tags: Children'sChildrens_DietChildrens_Fitnesschildrens_healthchildrens_nutritionchild_obesityDiet

How Safe Is the H1N1 Vaccine for Children

Dr. Anne Schuchat, Assistant Surgeon General of the United States and Director of the National Center for Immunization and Respiratory ... tags: Childrenchildrens_healthDr._Anne_SchuchatDr._Jim_SearsfluforH1N1

Little Boy Saved from Leukemia with Sister's Stem Cells

At just four years old, an active little boy is diagnosed with a deadly leukemia. For the first time, doctors were able to use his little ... tags: cancerCellschildrens_healthHealth_Oncology_CancerLeukemialeukemiaUsingleukemia_in_children

Signs and Symptoms of Child Autism

Dr. Jim Sears explains the signs and symptoms of autism, which include delayed talking, regression of skills and changed behavior, and that ... tags: aolAOL_Healthy_LivingAutismautism_symptomsChildchildrens_healthchild_autism

ADHD Symptoms in Childhood and Adulthood

Dr. Jim Sears discusses the differences in symptoms of ADHD from childhood to adulthood, saying that the symptoms might remain the same, ... tags: addADHDADHD_in_adultsadhd_in_childrenadhd_symptomsadhd_treatment_optionsAdulthood