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Chest Pain Videos by Popular

Curing chest pain in Ayurveda - Panchakarma Urovasthi Kerala

Oil is poured into it and allowed to remain there for some time. It is part of the Purvakarma therapy of Ayurvedic tradition. For more ...

Cardiac CT Scan Results

Janet, 57, says she's been experiencing heart palpitations and chest pressure. Since she has a family history of heart disease, she decided ... tags: CardiacCardiac_CTchest_painDr.Health_Heart_DiseaseHeart_Diagnosisheart_disease

Lopressor (Metoprolol Tartrate)

A pharmacist explains how Lopressor works, why doctors prescribe this hypertension medication, and common side effects of the drug. tags: :_Healthanginabenefitsblood_pressurechest_paincholesterolCure

Toprol XL (Metoprolol Succinate)

A pharmacist explains how Toprol XL works, why doctors prescribe this blood pressure medication, and common side effects of the drug. tags: :_Healthanginabenefitbeta_blockerchest_painCureDiagnosis

What's That Pain in My Chest

Are those uncomfortable pangs you're feeling in your chest just your standard after-dinner heartburn Or is something more serious at work tags: acid_refluxantacidantacidschest_paingastroesphogal_refluxgastroparesisGERD

What is a Heart Attack?

You know you're in pain, but are you just feeling the aftershocks of that spaghetti dinner...or is it a heart attack tags: anginaatherosclerosiscause_of_deathchest_paincongestive_heart_failurecoronary_artery_diseaseheart_attack

Rebecca Shares Her Heart Disease Journey

Michelle King Robson, CEO Founder of EmpowHER, interviews Rebecca, a woman who was diagnosed with heart disease at 31 years old. tags: chest_painDiseasediseaseRebeccadisordersempowherHealth_Heart_DiseaseHeart

Episode 5

In SW Queensland, the worst flooding in 54 years cuts off homesteads and towns across hundreds of square kilometres. Rescue 500 from ... tags: Action_and_Adventurebackchest_painchoppercut_offdocumentaryemergency

Episode 4

A bad accident on an outback cattle property tests everyone on Rescue 521 from Townsville. While on the Great Barrier Reef an English ... tags: Action_and_Adventurecattle_stationchest_painchopperdocumentaryemergencyEMQ

Veteran Congress leader Vasant Sathe dies

The veteran Congress leader and former Union Information and Broadcasting Minister Vasant Sathe passed away on Friday night. 86 years old ... tags: AllBritish_FlagChest_PainCongressCongress_LeaderFormForm_Of_Government