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"Days of Fire" author calls Cheney the "most powerful vice president" of his time

Peter Baker, New York Times chief White House correspondent and author of 'Days of Fire Bush and Cheney in the White House' joins the 'CBS ...

Cheney reveals extent of heart problems on "60 Minutes"

Dr. Sanjay Gupta interviewed former Vice President Dick Cheney on '60 ' about his decades-long struggle with heart disease.

Buying time

'He was gonna die that night,' says Dr. Jonathan Reiner. Reiner and Dick Cheney talk about the decision to implant a heart pump device that ...

Dick Cheney's heart

For the first time, Dick Cheney speaks frankly and in detail about the heart disease that plagued him during his political career. Dr. ...

Cheney on Bush

'I do to this day feel good about the relationship,' says Dick Cheney about George W. Bush. Cheney explains how that relationship changed ...

Eye Opener at 8: Congress goes on recess as gov't gets back to work

A look back at what we've been covering on 'CBS This Morning.'

Ex-VP Cheney wrote contingency resignation letter in 2001

In a '60 ' interview, former Vice President Dick Cheney spoke to Dr. Sanjay Gupta about his 35-year struggle with heart disease. He ...

Maine man hospitalized after 9 days of hiccups

Mickey Cheney of Acton, Maine, was admitted to the hospital after nine straight days of constant hiccups. WGME News 13's Marissa Bodnar ...

Dick & Liz Cheney on 2012 GOP contest

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney and his daughter, Liz Cheney, discuss the Republican presidential race and weigh in on the issues and ...

Dick Cheney chats U.S. politics and policy

Former Vice-President Dick Cheney discusses the end of the Iraq War and the possibilities of a new war with Iran, and critiques the Obama ...

Cheney Calls Palin "Mistake," Mum on Romney VP Pick

Former Vice President Dick Cheney told ABC News John McCain's 2008 choice of Sarah Palin was a mistake because of her lack of ... tags: AmericaCainCheneyDickJohnMcMitt