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Alex Day's Crazy Journey

Explanation for no soap/shampoo Posters/t-shirt Narrator Logan Cunningham from the fantastic game Bastion ... tags: alex daybastionbedbedroomcharlieCharlie mcdonnellcharlie towers

The Other Charlie

Two Charlies for the price of one And one of them has an eyepatch Once again, the internet, I give you what you want. Blog post about this ... tags: 60DbagcanoncharlieCharlie mcdonnellcharlieissocoollikecharlieissocruellike

Time To Reply

A slightly more serious song, which you can get here EDIT I've noticed that some people seem to think this ... tags: 60dacousticbandcampcanonCharlie mcdonnellcharlieissocoollikedownload

A Resolute Unicycling Muppet

This video comes in three parts 1 I'm a muppet 2 I can't ride my unicycle yet 3 I'm writing a film I HOPE YOU ENJOY AT LEAST ONE OF THESE ... tags: 60daffectionanimationbalancebebluecanon

It's Not The End Of The World

A video in which the world does not end. Not even once. Nasa debunking 2012 Where the 'Always deny the apocalypse' quote came ... tags: 201221st60dalignapocalypsebieberbooks

Settling In

I wanted to get used to vlogging in my new house, so I made this. I'm not really sure what it's about. So, uh, good luck. Hear more about ... tags: aboutcharlie mcdonnellcharlieissocoollikehaircuthouseitnew

My Crib 3

Remember the time when I bought a whole house Background music by this guy tags: AlsoannoyingbackgroundbedroomcasaCharlie mcdonnellcharlieissocoollike

Forever Day

How are you going to celebrate Forever Day Music video tags: 182011alexalex daycharliecharlie mcdonnellcharlieissocoollike

Forever Yours: Charlie Went Mad Remix

Buy this version ONLY AVAILABLE UNTIL DECEMBER 25TH Charlie tags: alexalex daycharliecharlie mcdonnellcharlieissocoollikechartchristmas

Forever Yours

'Forever Yours' by Alex Day is on iTunes WARNING Contains silly gun and blood effects which might make some people go 'yuck' and ... tags: Alex Day box charlieissocoollike clouds dead DSLR effects