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CHOW Tip: Open Your Grill's Vents

Jamie Purviance, author and grillmaster, keeps the lower vents of his charcoal grill open at all times. The top vents can be partially ...

CHOW Tip: Lump Versus Briquette Charcoal

Jamie Purviance, author and grillmaster, thinks that a combination of lump and briquette charcoal is best, since lump burns hotter but ...

CHOW Tip: Don't Fiddle with Food

Jamie Purviance, author and grillmaster, knows that everyone wants to push the food around when grilling, but he urges you to fight that ...

CHOW Tip: How Much Charcoal to Use

Jamie Purviance, author and grillmaster, dispels a common grilling myth You don't choose how much charcoal to use based on how much food ...

CHOW Tip: Direct Versus Indirect Heat

Jamie Purviance, author and grillmaster, explains the difference between direct and indirect heat so you can zone your grill.

CHOW Tip: Test Your Grill with Your Hand

Jamie Purviance, author and grillmaster, can tell if a grill is ready by how long he can hold his palm over the surface.

YDIAW: How to Grill

Todd Eng, grillmaster, encourages you to rethink your use of lighter fluid and consider investing in a chimney starter. While youre at it, ...

Charcoal-making threatens Mozambique forests - 22 Aug 09

Bags of charcoal stacked along roadsides across Mozambique are a common sight. Charcoal is popular because it is cheap, easy to transport ... tags: charcoalharujazeeramozambiquemutasa

Dwindling forests worsen Haiti storms - 7 June 09

Last year, more than 800 Haitians were killed in severe storms and hurricanes - weather made worse in part by the effects of ... tags: alaljazeerabocharcoaldeforestationhaitijazeera

"Biochar" Aids India's Farmers, Environment

Biochar is helping transform agriculture in India. Biochar is charcoal created by pyrolysis, or decomposition of biowaste at high ... tags: biocharcarbonchangecharcoalclimatedioxidefarm

How To Light A Bbq

A professional cooking instructor shows you an easy natural way to light a charcoal barbecue, without the use of lighter fluid or chemicals ... tags: barbecuebbqcharcoallight

PRS Custom 24 Special Limited Charcoal Burst - World Guitars

PRS Custom 24 Basically - I was speechless.... which is a first. A huge thanks to Jeff and World Guitars for such a wonderful gift - tags: BurstChappersCharcoalCustomGuitarsLimitedPRS