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Cex Videos - 3 by Popular

Vimeo in January, 2005

Video-based blogging was starting to get popular among a fringe group of innovative weirdos towards the end of 2004. Some of them organized ... tags: 200320055_vignettes94.5abcaceAir_flute

Reggie is back!

We move in to the new place in about a week Cast Jakob Lodwick, Reggie Watts tags: 200320055_vignettes94.5abcaceAir_flute

bookshelves of the future

Andrew gave me a tour of the Johns Hopkins library today. we met up because we're both in Baltimore for graduations my sister's, his ... tags: 200320055_vignettes94.5abcaceAir_flute

5 vignettes

this project rules what a great way to make use of old clips that otherwise would have never seen the light of day. Cast Jakob ... tags: 200320055_vignettes94.5abcaceAir_flute

HD dreams

This is for a pitch we're making to Canon.UPDATE on 8/13 - we got the deal Cast Jakob Lodwick tags: 2003200594.5abcaceAir_fluteambient

Nokia N95 ad

I guess it's only a matter of time before we break and we compromise. Nokia has a very large marketing budget that is hard to ignore.this ... tags: 2003200594.5abcaceAir_fluteambient

Reggie Watts: Little Pumpkin

There were two reasons for this. One, I wanted Robin to get more familiar with his music because we're going to make a dance video. Two, I ... tags: 2003200594.5aceAir_fluteambientApes_and_Androids

duplo's new Vimeo intro

she's so pleasant.we need to be able to re-order the credits I shouldn't be on top. Cast Jakob Lodwick, duplo tags: 2003200594.5aceAir_fluteambientApes_and_Androids

It Gets Better

Get the song was a lo-fi experiment I wanted to do. We shot three songs this was the third take. Reggie usually warms up the third song is ... tags: 2003200594.5aceAir_fluteambientApes_and_Androids

New Clubs

I made this back in college as a goof.Illustrations Ira Marcks Cast Jakob Lodwick, dalas verdugo and Randall Meehl tags: 20032005aceAir_fluteambientApes_and_AndroidsApplebee's

What are you eating?

Another video from the set of The Ten.Here's the first one Jakob Lodwick tags: 2005aceAir_fluteambientApes_and_AndroidsApplebee'sbacklight