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Cctv Videos - 4 by Popular

Bus driver rescues woman from suicide

A bus driver is being hailed a hero for preventing a woman from jumping off a bridge over a motorway in Buffalo, US. Report by Johnstons. ...

CCTV Trust Fall Fail

Luckily she wasn't hurt, but her pride definitely took a hit Probably the last time she ever attempts a trust fall Watch more videos here ...

Robber jailed after robbery attempt with garden shears

This robber is now in jail after his unusual attempt to raid a Birmingham bookies, armed with garden shears. Report by Morrism. Like us on ...

CCTV: Mugger repeatedly punches girl in broad daylight

Police release CCTV of a teenage girl being repeatedly punched by a mugger on a bike in Walthamstow, London, as passer-by fails to notice. ...

Vrouw overleeft twee treinongelukken

De vrouw in deze wagen wordt tijdens een politieachtervolging in het Amerikaanse Utah geramd door een trein. Even later rijdt ook een ...

Packed bridge collapses in China

A surveillance video has captured the moment a footbridge collapsed, forcing dozens of people into the water. Report by Collinsona. Like us ...

CCTV footage shows west London anti-terror arrest

CCTV of one of four anti-terror arrests in London on Sunday night - the suspect is wrestled to the ground outside a restaurant in ...

Eric Bana talks "Closed Circuit" cameras

Eric Bana plays a British barrister on the run from government agents in 'Closed Circuit.' While his character takes issues with ...

Masked men set fire to Maldives TV station

Masked men broke into a pro-opposition television station in the capital of the Maldives and set it on fire on Monday. Report by Johnstons. ...

Watch This Deli Clerk Go After a Robber With a Machete

A deli clerk in Long Island chased off an armed robber with a machete. Hard. Core.

Brave store clerk uses machete to fight off armed robber

This brave store clerk stops a gunman's attempt to rob a deli, by chasing him away with a machete. Report by Morrism. Like us on Facebook ...

CCTV of gunmen inside Kenya's Westgate Mall

New footage shows gunmen walking around the Westgate Mall on September 21, 2013, the day the deadly siege began. Report by Morrism. Like us ...