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The Devil's Cloak: The Dangers of Bidah - Abdur Rahman Dimashqiah

Linguistically Bid'ah innovation means 'a newly invented matter'. The Sharee'ah definition of Bid'ah is 'A newly invented way beliefs or ... tags: (innovation)(PBUH).AbdurAhmedalAllahastray

Dead Man Talking

Sutton thinks she figured out who caused the crash and Ethan confronts them. tags: AlexandraAliceAllieandAndyBlairBuckley

How to Break the Stress-Fat Connection

The road to stress relief should not include a rest stop at the vending machine or ice cream shop. Best-selling author Dr. Pamela Peeke has ... tags: bellybelly_fat_stressBreakcausedConnectionDr._Pamela_Peekeeating

Snow Blocks Austrian Travel Routes

Heavier than usual snowfall and high winds have caused chaos on roads and railways in many areas of Austria. tags: areasaustriaaustrianbbc_newsBBC_WorldwideblocksCaused

Summit to Tackle Sat-Nav Blunders

The problems caused when lorry and car drivers are misdirected by out-of-date directions from their sat-navs are to be tackled at a ... tags: bbc_newsBBC_WorldwideblundersCauseddirectionsdriversgovernment

California Road Slides Into Ocean

A California road has slipped into the ocean following a mudslide caused by heavy rain over the weekend. tags: bbc_newsBBC_WorldwideCaliforniacalifornia_roadCausedheavymudslide

Reply to 'CO2 Contributed by Human Activity: 12 to 15ppmv / version 1' found here:

11/15/11 How and why scientists know it's currently 111 ppm Atmospheric cyanide fatality dose for human adults 270 ... tags: anthropogenic carbon Carbon Dioxide caused change climate Desertphile

The Differences Between a Boil and a Blemish

Sandra, 44, is concerned about a bump on her nose and wants to know if it's a pimple or a boil. Dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban checks ... tags: BetweenBlemishBoilcausedcleaning_a_boilDifferencesdr._ava_shamban

Alcohol Can Cause Bed Wetting

Travis Stork, answers the question, Can consuming too much alcohol cause bed wetting tags: adultsadult_Bed_Wettingaffectsaffects_of_alcoholAlcoholBedbedAlcohol

Damage Caused By 20 Years of Smoking

Dr. Edward Eden explains that even if you quit after smoking for 20 years, there may not be any damage, but the best way to find out is to ... tags: affectaffectsaolAOL_Healthy_LivingcanCausedcessationDamage