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Japan: Fukushima Nuclear disaster caused by arrogance

Last year's nuclear disaster at Fukushima was caused by overconfidence, both by the Japanese government and Tepco the company that manages ... tags: arrogancecauseddisasterEnergyeuronewsFukushimaJapan

TEPCO blames rat for Fukushima outage

This rat was the culprit behind last week's 29-hour power cut at Tokyo Electric Power Company's Fukushima Daaichi plant. A photograph was ... tags: causedconfirmcutDaiichiElectricnuclearPower

Streets of Buenos Aires become deadly canals after downpour

In Buenos Aires, they waded through flooded streets --- the aftermath of a heavy downpour. Torrential rains killed five people in the ... tags: aftercauseddeadlydownpourGemabrakilledpeople

Hundreds believed injured in TX explosion

A massive explosion and fire at a fertilzer plant near Waco Texas are thought to have injured hundreds of people. Several buildings near ... tags: believedbuildingscausedexplosionfireinjuredJulie

The anxious wait in China after quake kills nearly 200

People wait for signs of life as resue workers try to clear a landslide that has trapped as many as 10 people. Relatives of the missing say ... tags: andcausedChinaDeborahfamilyforfrom

Blast at Iran military base 'caused by Israel'

Iran's Supreme Leader has attended the joint funerals of 17 soldiers killed in an explosion at a Revolutionary Guards arms depot. Among the ... tags: baseBlastcausedEnergyeuronewsIranIsrael

Thalidomide manufacturer apologizes

Nearly a half century later, an apology from the German manufacturer of a drug that caused thousands of birth defects worldwide. ... tags: apologizescauseddrugfromGembaramarketThalidomide

Britain gale-battered, flooded

Rising flood waters in the western English village of Tewkesbury, after the nearby river Severn burst its banks. Some are still on alert, ... tags: arecausedforforcedfromheavyParts

Investigaiton continues into meningitis outbreak

Health officials in Massachusetts and across the US are continuing their investigation into what caused an outbreak of fungal meningitis ... tags: causedcontinuecontinuesdeadlyintoInvestigaitoninvestigate

Hawaii escapes tsunami damage

After bracing for the possibility of a disastrous tsunami, Hawaiians can now safely return to their homes. A tsunami warning has been ... tags: andarecauseddamagedowngradedescapeshave