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Video: Charles Says He's `Still Optimistic' on Bank of America: Video

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Brian Charles, an analyst at RW Pressprich Co., discusses Bank of America Corp.s fourth-quarter loss and the outlook ... tags: AssetsBusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCorporateCrisis,Earnings,English

Video: Brown Says Credit Only `Good Thing' in BofA's Quarter

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Thomas Brown, chief executive officer of Curve Capital LLC and a Bloomberg Television contributing editor, discusses ... tags: AssetsBusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCorporateCrisis,Earnings,English

Video: Mutascio Says U.S. Banking System Not Facing `Death'

Oct. 26 Bloomberg -- Christopher Mutascio, an analyst with Stifel Nicolaus Co., and Bloomberg's Dawn Kopecki discuss the outlook for U.S. ... tags: BusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCrisis,Earnings,EnglishCrunch,cstickers

Video: BofA's Moynihan Sees Credit Improving as Consumers Heal: Video

Oct. 19 Bloomberg -- Brian Moynihan, chief executive officer of Bank of America Corp., discusses the company's third-quarter loss reported ... tags: Actions,CorporateBusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCrunch,cstickers

Video: Tyler Says Goldman May Have Advantage Over Lending Banks: Video

Oct. 19 Bloomberg -- Jason Tyler, senior vice president of Ariel Investments LLC, talks about the possible advantage Goldman Sachs Group ... tags: BusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCrisis,Earnings,EnglishCrunch,cstickers

Video: Ritter Sees `Positive Surprises' in Citigroup's Results: Video

Oct. 18 Bloomberg -- David Ritter, an analyst at Argus Research, discusses Citigroup Inc.'s third-quarter earnings reported today. The ... tags: Actions,CorporateAssetsBusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCrisis,Earnings,Earnings

Video: Tecce Says Amex Has `Drawn Line in Sand' Over Card Suit: Video

Oct. 4 Bloomberg -- Fred Tecce, a lawyer at McShea Tecce and a former U.S. attorney, discusses the settlement reached by Visa Inc. and ... tags: Affairs,BusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeColumbia,EnglishCrisis,District

Video: Obama May Consider Placing Elizabeth Warren at Treasury: Video

Sept. 15 Bloomberg -- President Barack Obama is considering a move to install Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren at the Treasury ... tags: AssetsBanks,CompanyBusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCorp,Federal

Video: Wells Fargo Overdraft Case; Barclays Capital Job Cuts: Video

Aug. 11 Bloomberg -- Bloomberg's Erik Schatzker reports on the latest breaking news and top stories in today's Business Briefs. Source ... tags: Affairs,BusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCrisis,EnglishCrunch,

Video: Goolsbee Says Rules Bill to Provide Strong Protections: Video

July 21 Bloomberg -- Austan Goolsbee, a senior White House economic adviser, discusses legislation to overhaul the U.S. ... tags: Affairs,AssetsBusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeColumbia,Economic

Video: Bourgeois Doesn't See Credit-Card Rules Change Soon: Video

July 19 Bloomberg -- Rod Bourgeois, an analyst at Sanford C. Bernstein Co., talks about the likely impact of the U.S. financial-rules ... tags: BusinessCards,Cards,CreditChargeCrisis,EnglishCrunch,cstickers

Video: Geduld Says `No Real Surprise' in BofA 2nd-Qtr Results: Video

July 16 Bloomberg -- Buzzy Geduld, chief executive officer of Cougar Trading, discusses Bank of America Corp.'s -quarter profit reported ... tags: Actions,CorporateAssetsCards,Cards,CreditChargeCommunicationsCrisis,Credit