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Worst Persons: Bill O, Gov. Rick Perry and Roger Ailes

Find out why Bill O'Reilly is WORSE Gov. Rick Perry R-Texas is WORSER and Roger Ailes is the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD. tags: 2012_electionBill_O'ReillyCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdown

Worst Persons: State Rep. Josh Byrnes, Bret Baier, Gretchen Carlson, Michelle Malkin and Rep. ...

Find out why state Rep. Josh Byrnes R-Iowa is WORSE Bret Baier, Gretchen Carlson and Michelle Malkin of Fox News are WORSER and Rep. ... tags: 2012_electionBret_BaierCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdown

Ken Vogel Analyzes James O Keefes "To Catch a Journalist" Staffers Internal Rebellion, Funding ...

Keith and Ken Vogel, chief investigative reporter for Politico, cover the latest obstacles for controversial journalist and conservative ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Occupy Oakland: Adam Gabbatt On Video of the Attack On Iraq Veteran Kayvan Sabehgi

Keith and Adam Gabbatt, reporter and blogger for the Guardian, discuss the video that was released of the Nov. 2 attack on Iraq veteran ... tags: 2012_electionAdam_GabbattCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdown

Occupy Wall Street: Michael Kink Inside the New York Stock Exchange, Next Steps for Movement

Keith and Michael Kink, executive director of the Strong Economy for All Coalition, discuss his experience inside the New York Stock ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Occupy Wall Street: Adam Gabbatt On Zuccotti Park Violence During Day of Action, Increased Support

Keith and Adam Gabbatt, reporter for the Guardian, discuss the violent scene at Zuccotti Park during today's Day of Action events and how ... tags: 2012_electionAdam_GabbettCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdown

Worst Persons: Rush Limbaugh, Spencer Bachus and Allen West

Find out why Rush Limbaugh is WORSE Spencer Bachus of Alabama is WORSER and Congressman Allen West Fla. is the WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD ... tags: 2012_electionAllen_WestCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdown

Occupy Wall Street: Michael Moore Connects the Federal Government to Encampment Raids

Keith and filmmaker and activist Michael Moore discuss the early-morning raid on New York's Occupy Wall Street encampment in Zuccotti Park. ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Special Comment from Keith: Why Occupy Wall Street Needs Michael Bloomberg

In a Special Comment, Keith contextualizes Mayor Bloomberg's actions against Occupy Wall Street at Zuccotti Park and how they have - ... tags: 2012_electionbatmanCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdown

Occupy Wall Street: Yetta Kurland On the Battle for Zuccotti Park

Keith and Yetta Kurland, an attorney with the National Lawyers Guild, discuss Brookfield Properties' new guidelines for protesters at ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann

Occupy Oakland: Dan Siegel On Why He Resigned from His Post As Advisor to Oakland Mayor Jean Quan

Siegel announced on Twitter this morning 'No longer Mayor Quan's legal advisor. Resigned at 2 a.m. Support Occupy Oakland, not the 1 ... tags: 2012_electionCable_Newscable_TVcongressconservativeCountdownCountdown_with_Keith_Olbermann


Tommy comes under suspicion when he can't piece together the events that led to the beach house fire. The entire crew finds themselves ... tags: 911alcoholicbeach_house_firecable_tvcomedycracklecrew