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A Second Greek Bailout and the EU's Future

Director of Research Kevin Stech discusses the ongoing Greek debt crisis and the implications of the recently approved bailout package. tags: BailoutBusiness_EconomycrisisdebtEuropean_economyeurozone_debt_crisisgreece_bailout

Analysis of the Second Greek Bailout and Its Enforcement

Stratfor's Vice President of Analysis Peter Zeihan discusses Greece's sovereign bailout and the enforcement mechanisms that the eurozone ... tags: AnalysisBailoutBusiness_EconomycaneconomyEuropean_economyevangelos_venizelos

The Most (and Least) Critical Things to Watch in the Economy

Take Europe and China off your big worry list and focus instead on the consumer and inflation, says Morningstar's Bob Johnson. tags: attentionBob_JohnsonBusiness_EconomyCriticaleconomic_worry_factorsEconomyeconomyCritical

Falsified Deficit Statistics in Europe

Stratfor Director of Research Kevin Stech examines Brussels' limited options for handling EU rule violators in light of reports that Spain ... tags: 2011Business_EconomyDeficiteconomyEuropeeuropeanEuropean_economy

Devil's Derivatives' Author Talks About the Economy

Devil's Derivatives' author Nick Dunbar talks about how financial innovation is killing the economy. tags: AuthorBusiness_EconomyDangersDerivativesDevil'sDevils_DerivativesDevils_Derivatives_Author

Middle America Feeling the Pinch of the Economic Downturn

With around 120,000 people declared bankrupt each month, many of the squeezed middle-class see the American dream slipping away. 'Our ... tags: 99_percentAmericaBusiness_EconomyDownturnEconomiceconomic_downturnfinancial_crisis

Ireland Faces Massive Drain on Its Young Workforce

With the global economic downturn continuing to dog the Irish economy, thousands of people across the country are being forced to emigrate, ... tags: ageing_populationbrain_drainBusiness_EconomyDraineconomic_collapseeconomic_migrationEmigration_from_Tiger

Brazil's Economic Transformation

While the world has been transfixed by the astonishing economic growth in China and India, just out of the spotlight Brazil has been ... tags: BrazilBrazil_economyBrazil_GDPBusiness_EconomyEconomicEconomic_Crisisfinancial_miracle

The Secret Behind Poland's Economic Success

Poland was the only EU country whose economy continued to grow uninterrupted through the recent financial crisis. Whilst other countries ... tags: BehindBusiness_EconomyEconomicemploymentSecretEuropean_Unioneusfinancial_crisis

Protests Against Austerity Measures in Greece

Following a 109 billion bailout agreement thousands of Greeks have protested against austerity measures and even greater debt.This report ... tags: AgainstAusterityausterity_measuresbailoutBusiness_Economydebt_crisisEurozone_Crisis

Daily Finance: Tattoo

Loren Berlin of AOL's Daily Finance talks to tattoo artists about how they are fairing in this recession. tags: adam_kaufmanBusiness_EconomyHuffington_PostHuffPoloren_berlintattootattoo_lous