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Bush Tax Cuts Videos by Popular

Why Dividend Stocks Will Win In 2012

John Buckingham, editor of The Prudent Speculator, shares a laundry list of stock picks for an optimistic year in an interview with Steve ... tags: ADRAl Frank Asset Managementbush tax cutscommoditiesCredit Suissedividendseconomic recovery

Bush Tax Cuts Blew Up Deficit - R's Reject Resolution

'...House Republicans unanimously rejected a resolution from Rep. Gary Peters stating, among other things, that the Bush tax cuts added to ... tags: bush debtbush deficitbush tax cutsbush tax cuts budgetbush tax cuts deficitbush taxescenk uygur

Jeffrey Sachs: The Moral Crisis

Jeffrey D. Sachs argues that the current economic crisis in the US is also a moral crisis. This Carnegie Council event took place on ... tags: American peopleAmerican valuesBushBush SachsBush tax cutsCarnegie CouncilCarnegie Council youtube

Super Committee Failure? Not So Fast...

The Congressional super committee did not reach an agreement on massive budget cuts by the agreed upon deadline. The Young Turks host Cenk ... tags: budget deficitbush tax cutsdefense cutsdefense donorsdemocrats debtgrover norquist kylnorquist kyl

Top 1% Tax Cut Bigger Than 99% Income

If you're reading this odds are the richest 1 of Americans had a 2011 tax cut that was bigger than your entire 2011 salary. The Young Turks ... tags: #occupywallstreetbush tax cutsincome inequalityoccupy wall streetrich tax cutsrichest one percenttax the rich