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How Troubled Are US-China Relations?

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping visited the White House Tuesday, where President Obama cautioned him and his nation that with 'expanding ... tags: Brookings InstitutionCheng LiChinaChineseDefense DepartmentGwen IfillMichael Pillsbury

Comments on Nigeria Boko Haram

Mwangi Kimenyi, at The Brookings Institution, talks about how Nigerian Boko Haram needs to be taken seriously because its influence is ... tags: AfricaBoko HaramBrookings InstitutionElectionsIn FocusMwangi KimenyiNigeria

Deficit Supercommittee Admits Failure: Now What?

The bipartisan congressional committee charged with cutting the US deficit admitted failure on Monday. Judy Woodruff discusses the ... tags: american brookings institution budget committee for a debt ceiling deficit democrats

What Does US Military Deployment Mean for Asia-Pacific?

President Obama announced Wednesday that more than 2000 US troops will head to Australia, but he stopped short of saying the move was meant ... tags: austin australia brookings institution china Jeffrey Bader John Higley military

49 Million Americans in Poverty, Census Calculates

Read more The Census Bureau released a new unofficial count of poverty in America on Monday, showing about 16 percent of the ... tags: brookings institution bureau census Heidi Harrmann institute population poverty

Census: 1 in 15 Americans Among the Poorest of the Poor

New Census data out Thursday show that one in 15 Americans now lives in extreme poverty and earns less than half of the official poverty ... tags: brookings institution census communites Elizabeth Kneebone Jeffrey Brown poverty united states

How Severe Are Problems With Social Security?

Social Security checks go out on Wednesday to more than 52 million Americans, but the viability of the program has recently taken center ... tags: brookings institution checks David John economy gop Henry Aaron heritage foundation

Cities Hit Hard by Slump, Adding to Cloudy Economic Picture

As the nation's economic woes mount, evidence of continuing trouble can be found in city revenues, the housing market and high unemployment ... tags: america brookings institution Christopher Hoene cities city Dante Chinni economy

Is America in Decline

Raza Naqvi, Urdu VOA News, Washington. America has been one of the great superpowers of the world, and since the fall of the Soviet Union, ... tags: Arlen Specter Brookings Institution Kenneth Leiberman Raza NaqviArlen SpecterBrookings Institutionis america in decline

Why Are 46 Million Americans Living in Poverty?

Read the transcript The latest Census measurement of US poverty out Tuesday found that 46 million Americans live in poverty. Ray ... tags: 1993 americans brookings institution census Douglas Besharov Isabel Sawhill poverty

Ronald Bruder: Education for Employment

Description Ronald Bruder discusses how the Education for Employment Foundation came to be and the motivation and evolution of the ... tags: Brookings Institution Carnegie Council Youtube Education Egypt Ellen Laipson Employment Ireland

Pakistan US Relations - Challenges

Madeeha AnwarAfter the 9/11 incident, Pakistan and US are fighting against terrorism for almost a decade now. But despite this mutual ... tags: AfghanistanBrookings InstitutionFight against terrorismGeorge Mason UniversityMadeeha AnwarMark KatzMichael OHanlon