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Animal Lovin' - A Wild Valentine's Day Montage

Love is in the air and that can only mean it's time to get freaky - take a love lesson from the animal kingdom - Just Dance and Have a ... tags: Animal LovinAnimal StyleAnimalsBreakBreak MediaBreak.comDoggie Style

Grandma Reacts to Soccer Player KO

The best part of this video isn't the knockout - but what comes after it. Listen for the punchline. Don't worry, the soccer player sold us ... tags: AmericansBest ofBreakBreak MediaBreak.comEnglandFtbol

Tae Kwon Don't

Here's a guy that's sick of it being winter - and one that doesn't have many friends. Send in your videos to get and be featured ... tags: BreakBreak MediaBreak.comFailFunnyKarateStupid

Treadmill Taint Ruiner

He knew it would hurt.... but I don't think he was using his head. Leave your most creative comments in the comments below Check out more ... tags: BreakBreak MediaEpicFailFunnyFunny NutshotNub TV

Break Dancer Breaks Arm

It's brutal, but you really can't help but watch this dude as he bends and twists his body, it's kind of amazing that he didn't break more ... tags: Arm BreakAwesomeBreakBreak DanceBreak DancerBreak

Ball Ownage: Who Gets Owned The Hardest?

Who got pwned the hardest Tell us in the comments section This week it's all about the Exercise Ball - some times it trips you, other times ... tags: BallBall OwnageBreakBreak MediaBreak.comEpicExercise Ball

Skaters Get Stupid

When you skateboard while holding onto the side of a car going 35mph, things are bound to go wrong. Win a trip to LA to experience the ... tags: BreakBreak MediaBreak.comEpicFailFunnyFunny Wipeout