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Boiling Water Videos by Popular

Shooting Boiling Water From Water Gun In Extreme Canadian Cold Has Amazing Results

The web has seen countless examples of what happens when you toss a bucket of boiling water outside in subzero temperatures. The water ... tags: boiling_waterCanadacanadiancoldfreezefrozenSo_Cold

Boiling Water From Spray Gun in Extreme Cold

Chris Gillett has lived in northern Ontario his entire life, so hes no stranger to extremely cold temperatures. But, he says every time the ... tags: boiling_watercoldfreezing_temperaturesgunSnowwinter

CHOW Tip: How to Soft-Cook Eggs

Douglas Ford, sous-chef of LA's Lucques, always uses farm-fresh eggs when he cooks, insisting that they taste different than mass-produced ...

CHOW Tip: How to Cool Water for Coffee

Scalding hot water will burn your coffee, like it burns you. Arno Holschuh shows one method for getting it down to the optimal temperature.

How To Make Broccoli Salad

A professional chef demonstrates how to make a salad with broccoli, artichoke hearts, spinach and other ingredients that will surely ... tags: andartichoke_heartsboiling_waterbroccolibroccoli_saladbroccoli_salad_recipechilli

How To Cook Edamame

Japanese dishes - they taste quite different. But only if they are prepared properly. Learn how to cook edamame, or baby soya beans, from ... tags: andbaby_soya_beansbaby_soya_bean_recipebeans_recipesboiling_wateredamameedamame_in_shell

How To Cook White Rice

Rice comes in many different sizes, shapes and colours. I will focus here on long grain white rice. The difference between brown and white ... tags: andbasmati_riceboiling_watercooking_ricecurrycurry_riceLeisure

How To Melt Chocolate

This video shows you how to melt chocolate in a controlled temperature, making it best for covering cakes and strawberries, and for ... tags: andbain_marieboiling_waterchocolateschocolate_dipchocolate_recipeschocolate_toppings

How To Get Rid Of Fleas Naturally

Here are some very important tips to follow if you have a flea infestation in your home. These steps will eliminate the problem. tags: andboiling_watercat_fleaschemical_treatment_to_fleasclean_carpetsfleasfleas_in_the_house

How To Kill Ants

You have to first find out where the ants are coming from before you decide which type of method to adopt to try and kill the ants. And ... tags: andantsant_baitant_controlant_problembait_stationboiling_water

How To Kill Maggots

Maggots are ants that one can find hanging around the rubbish that are in the bin, so we have to make sure that we close our bins tightly ... tags: andbleachboiling_waterdetergentdisinfectantdustbin_bagsflies

How To Make Soft Boiled Eggs

Kate Hughes teaches us how to cook soft boiled eggs. Find out the best tips for cooking the best soft boiled eggs that everyone will ... tags: andboiled_eggboiling_an_eggboiling_eggsboiling_waterboil_an_eggcold_water