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Germany's Largest Drug Safety Scandal - Thalidomide, 50 years on | People & Politics

The thalidomide drug safety scandal was the worst in German history. The sedative was produced by the German pharmaceutical company ...

Imperforate Anus in Newborns

Dr. Daniel Hechtman talks about one of the major anomalies found in newborn - stool coming out from where it shouldn't.Daniel Hechtman MD ... tags: Anusbirth_defectsDr._Daniel_HechtmandrmdkHealth_PediatricsImperforateNewborns

Understanding Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a birth defect caused by chromosomal abnormalities. You may choose to test for this before your baby is even born, using ... tags: amniocentesis:_disabilitybaby_carebaby_developmentbaby_healthbirth_defectbirth_defectschorionic_villus_sampling

Birth Defects from Maternal Infection

A congenital disease, like brain damage or cerebral palsy, can be passed from mother to baby via an infection. These birth defects are from ... tags: baby_carebaby_developmentbaby_healthbirth_defectbirth_defectscerebral_palsycognitive_disability

Chromosomal Birth Defects

Some birth defects are due to chromosomal abnormalities in a baby. These include trisomy abnormalities like Down syndrome, and monosomy ... tags: baby_carebaby_developmentbaby_healthbirth_defectbirth_defectschromosomal_abnormalitieschromosome

Health Myth: Birth Defects Cannot Be Prevented

Are all birth defects something about which we can do nothing Or can many birth defects actually be prevented tags: AnencephalyBirth_DefectBirth_DefectsBirth_Defect_PreventionCauses_of_Birth_DefectsHealth_MythPreventing_Birth_Defects

Understanding the Nuchal Test

The nuchal translucence test can be confusing - even scary. It's important to remember that the results usually provide moms-to-be with ... tags: amniocentesisbirth_defectsdown_syndromeembryofetusfetus_healthfirst_trimester:_birth_defects

Growing New Fingers for Gavin

150,000 babies are born with birth defects. It's something most will have to live with for their entire lives. Now, one doctor is helping ... tags: birth_defectschildrens_healthFingersFingers_Birth_DefectFingers_GrowthFinger_CreationFinger_Growth

Preventing Spina Bifida in Newborns with Folic Acid

Dr. Robert Bernstein, Chief of Pediatric Orthopedics Surgery at Cohen Childrens Hospital, talks about diet tips to reduce the chances of ... tags: Bifidabirthbirth_defectschancesdefectsdrmdkPreventingfolic_acid

Face Saving Surgery for a South African Toddler

A little boy makes a trip half way around the world for a face-saving surgery and finds out he shares a special bond with his doctor. tags: Africanbirth_defectsChild_Face_SurgeryFaceFace_Birth_DefectFace_Saving_Surgeryface_surgery

What's A Nuchal Transluscency Screening?

The Nuchal Translucency Screening helps doctors determine a baby's risk of being born with a birth defect. When is this screening conducted ... tags: baby_imaging:_health_videosbirth_defectsdown_syndromehealthheart_problems:_pregnancyillness_detectormedical