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Culture Clash on Diana, Donal's Two Cents and Hero and Zero

1. How can we analyse the reaction to Diana's death 2. Two Cents on public workers wasting taxpayers' money 3. Hero and Zero of the Day ... tags: BestofYesterdayGordonBrownGovernmentWasteNicolasSarkozypoliticpoliticsPrincessDiana

Exam Results, TUC and Mugabe........

1. Two cents on exam results 2. Hero and Zero of the Day TUC and Robert MugabeClip 1. At the end of Up Front, Donal Blaney turns his ... tags: ALevelsBestofYesterdayExamsExamStandardsGCSEHeroAndZeroRobertMugabe

Donal's Two Cents and Hero and Zero

1. Two Cents on amateur mistakes in CCHQ 2. Hero and Zero of the Day Frances Lawrence and Brown's handling of NHSClip 1. Donal Blaney ... tags: BestofYesterdayCCHQDavidCameronFrancesLawrenceGordonBrownNHS

Hero and Zero and Donal's two cents

1. Hero and Zero of the Day Labour voters and Jesse Jackson2. Two Cents on the Climate Camp ProtestorsClip 1. Donal Blaney provides his ... tags: AntiSemitismBestofYesterdayEUReferendumGeneralElectionGordonBrownJesseJacksonLabourVoters

John Redwood's Competitiveness Policy Review

Clip 1. In Doughty News Hour, Iain Dale speaks to John Redwood, Chairman of the Conservative Economic Competitiveness Policy Review Group, ... tags: BestOfYesterdayBluePeterClimateCampEconomicCompetitivenessHeroAndZeroJohnRedwood

Election Battleground, Worldview and Up Front

1. Election Battleground Essex - It's big but can one party dominate it 2. Election Battleground - Are the West Midlands a vital area for ... tags: BestofYesterdayBingeDrinkingCelebritiesElectionBattlegroundEssexMusharrafPakistan

Independence for Scotland? Plus Culture Clash on Dawkins

1. Did the Enemies of Reason set a convincing argument 2. SNP plans for independence referendum serious or gesture politics Clip 1. In ... tags: AlexSalmondBestofYesterdayChristopherHitchensEnemiesOfReasonLogicRichardDawkinsSNP

Up Front - Redwood's regulation cutting plans

Are Redwood's regulation cutting plans for Britain really the 'cure'On the day that John Redwood published his policy review on ... tags: BestofYesterdayBusinessConservativesJohnRedwood

Hero and Zero, Two Cents and a bit of Worldview on Lebanon

1. Today's Hero and Zero Reach report and the BAA 2. Two cents on freedom of expression 3. Lebanon A divided societyClip 1. Donal Blaney ... tags: BAABestofYesterdayFreedomOfExpressionLebanonReachReportRights

Hero and Zero, Two Cents and some Culture Clash

1. Hero and Zero of the Day are...both TV broadcasters 2. Two Cents on the US Presidential Election Candidates 3. Is Billy Liar still a ... tags: BBCBestofYesterdayChannel4FredThompsonGiulianliHeroAndZeroMittRomney

Brown's surefooted start as PM...and how to attack him

Clip 1. Donal Blaney returns to 18 Doughty Street and, in his regular start to Up Front, tells who are his hero and zero of the day. Clip ... tags: 18DoughtyStreetBestOfYesterdayDoreenLawrenceGordonBrownHeroAndZeroTwoCentsYoungAmericansFoundation

Brief Encounters, Canals and Airports.

1. Brief Encounters Do we still find it moving over 60 years on2. Two Cents on canals and cuts in their funding3. Hero and Zero of the Day ... tags: BAABestofYesterdayBNPBriefEncountersCanalsDefraDiana