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Morning Chaos

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Morning Chaos - Jeff John Malkovich tries to avoid Sandy Laurie Metcalf at work and gets irritated when Ulysses ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Ulysses Goes Haywire

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Ulysses Goes Haywire - Don Hart Brochner interrupts a romantic dance between Trish Glenne Headly and Ulysses John ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Why Do People Want To Fall In Love?

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Why Do People Want To Fall In Love - Ulysses John Malkovich asks Frankie Ann Magnuson about love and the purpose of ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Getting Familiar With the Droid

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Getting Familiar With the Droid - An educational video explains how Ulysses John Malkovich works. tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Frankie Meets Ulysses

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Frankie Meets Ulysses - Jeff John Malkovich rushes in to fix Ulysses John Malkovich after he short-circuits during ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Snooping in Frankies Purse

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Snooping in Frankies Purse - Ulysses John Malkovich has fun going through Frankie8217s purse and pulling out all ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

All About Chemtech

Making Mr. Right 1987 - All About Chemtech - Jeff John Malkovich stars in a video explaining all of the services and benefits that Chemtech ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

Making Mr. Right - Trailer #1

Making Mr. Right 1987 - Trailer 1 - Directed by Susan Seidelman and starring John Malkovich, Ben Masters, Harsh Nayyar, Hart Bochner. A ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

I Don't Have Money

Making Mr. Right 1987 - I Don't Have Money - Sandy Laurie Metcalf is overjoyed when Ulysses John Malkovich offers to buy her dream ... tags: Ann_MagnusonBen_MastersBruceChristian_ClemensonDonDr.Jeff_PetersDr._Ramdas

TV Series Finale News: Reba, Passions, Armed & Famous, and Three Syndicated Shows

There8217s a whole lot of news in this edition. Has CW renewed or cancelled Reba, the network8217s most popular sitcom Is there hope for ... tags: acunaAdrian_BellaniAdrian_WilsonAmelia_Marshallamp;Andrea_Evansarmed

TV Series Finale News: Drive, Passions, October Road & finally Studio 60!

There8217s lots of news this week. What does the future hold for FOX8217s Drive Is it moving full speed ahead or out of gas Is ABC8217s ... tags: 70's7th7th_heavenA-TeamAaron_Sorkinabc_familyAdrian_Bellani