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POLLINATORS are the insects that pollinate flowers Bees, butterflies and about 1000 other insects pollinate crops that grow are fruits and ... tags: BeeBeekeeping:_the_gentle_craftConservation_movementHigher_educationinsectsnative_plantsnature

How difficult is it to develop an artificial bee? | Tomorrow Today - Interview

And what do the researchers involved in the study hope to achieveWe talked with RoboBee developer Dr. Tim Landgraf, a biorobotics expert ... tags: artificialbeeberlinbioroboticsdeutschedeveloperdw

Father Of Son Attacked By Bees: ‘Better Him Than Me'

This clip from Australias Today Show YouTube channel Waking up with Karl Stefanovic was posted online back in November, but it has only ... tags: attackAwesomebeebees_attackbetterbetter_himfunny

Bad Words - Red Band Trailer for Bad Words

Courtesy of Focus Features Theaters March 21st, 2014 tags: BadBatemanbeecontestgrownJasonman

W?RK Episode 5 : Kazumi Terada, urban beekeeper

WRK NYC another day, another dollar Bicephaly Pictures presents an original web series about New Yorkers who ... tags: bee

Germanys bee capital | Video of the day

Beekeeping isn't just a rural pastime - it's also a growing trend in urban centers. The German capital Berlin is home to an estimated 2,500 ... tags: beebeesBerlindayDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TV

Germany - Bees for Hire | European Journal

German beekeepers are now aged an average of 60 years old due to a drop-off in new, young recruits. To make up for the shortfall in ... tags: beebeekeepersBeesDeutscheDeutschlandDW-TVEuropa

The Battle for the Bees -- Are Germany's Bees a Dying Breed? | People

Bees supply us with honey and pollinate flowers. But more and more of them are dying off. Diseases, mold, and mildew -- but also ... tags: beechemicalsdeathdeutsche_wellefarmerhoneyindustry

Little Girl And Her Carpenter Bee Pet

This girl had a huge heart for nursing a bee back to health and keeping it alive since it can't fly anymore. Future vet Watch more videos ...