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Video: Hatzius Says U.S. Economy on `Verge' of Strong Recovery

Dec. 3 Bloomberg -- Jan Hatzius, chief U.S. economist at Goldman Sachs Group, discusses job growth and outlook for the U.S. economy. ... tags: Banks,CreditBusinessCrisis,EconomicCrunch,cstickersDept,Economy,United

Video: Sinche Says 2011 Will Be `Less Volatile' for Currencies

Dec. 3 Bloomberg -- Robert Sinche, global head of currency strategy at RBS Securities, discusses the outlook for the euro and currency ... tags: America,MediaBank,EuropeanBanks,CreditBusinessCentralComments,GovernmentCrisis,Economic

Video: Wolf Says Ireland Has `Huge' Fiscal Problem With Bailout

Nov. 29 Bloomberg -- Martin Wolf, chief economics commentator at the Financial Times, discusses Ireland's 85 billion-euro 113 billion ... tags: Bank,EuropeanBanks,CreditBonds,Inflation,Italy,MediaBusinessCentralCrisis,Currencies,Economic,Crunch,

Video: Serebriakov Says Spain May Be Key to Euro Retesting Low

Nov. 24 Bloomberg -- Vassili Serebriakov, a currency strategist at Wells Fargo Co., discusses the outlook for the euro. Serebriakov, ... tags: Bank,EuropeanBanks,CreditBusinessCentralComments,GovernmentCrisis,Currencies,EconomicCrunch,

Video: Plosser Sees U.S. Jobless Rate Near 8% by End of 2012: Video

Nov. 19 Bloomberg -- Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia President Charles Plosser spoke with Bloomberg's Sara Eisen in Washington ... tags: Banks,CreditBusinessCrisis,EconomicCrunch,cstickersCuts,Dept,

Video: Gurria Says Global Economy's `Soft Patch' Is Temporary: Video

Nov. 18 Bloomberg -- Angel Gurria, Secretary General for the Organization for Economic Cooperation, discusses the outlook for the global ... tags: BankBank,EuropeanBanks,CreditBonds,GovernmentBusinessCentralCrisis,Currencies,Economic

Video: Calamos Says `It's Time to Get Out' of U.S. Treasuries

Nov. 17 Bloomberg -- John Calamos, founder and chief executive officer of Calamos Asset Management Inc., discusses the outlook for U.S. ... tags: Advisers,MediaAmericaBanks,CreditBonds,High-YieldBonds,Inflation,InvestmentBonds,StockBonds,U.S.

Video: Randolph Says Ireland's Banks Need 60-70 Bln Euros

Nov. 16 Bloomberg -- Jan Randolph, head of sovereign risk at IHS Global Insight, discusses Ireland's debt crisis and the outlook for a ... tags: Bank,FinancialBanks,CreditBusinessCentralCrisis,Currencies,EnglishCrunch,cstickers

Video: Bove Opposes QE2, Supports Cutting U.S. Deficit and Debt

Nov. 15 Bloomberg -- Richard Bove, an analyst at Rochdale Securities, talks about his opposition to the Federal Reserve's policy of ... tags: AmericaBanks,CreditBonds,GovernmentBonds,SyndicatedBonds,U.S.BusinessComments,Government

Video: Phelps Says 7%-7.5% Unemployment `New Normal' for U.S.

Nov. 15 Bloomberg -- Edmund Phelps, a Nobel Prize-winning economist and professor at Columbia University, talks about the Federal Reserve's ... tags: AmericaBanks,CreditBonds,GovernmentBonds,SyndicatedBonds,U.S.BusinessCrisis,Economic

Video: Blanchflower Calls Letter to Bernanke `Dangerous Politics'

Nov. 15 Bloomberg -- David Blanchflower, an economics professor at Dartmouth College and a former Bank of England policy maker, discusses a ... tags: Banks,CreditBonds,GovernmentBusinessCrisis,Currencies,EconomicCrunch,cstickersEconomy,United

Video: Hassett Calls Signing Letter to Fed `Really Good Idea'

Nov. 15 Bloomberg -- Kevin Hassett, director of economic policy studies at the American Enterprise Institute and a Bloomberg News ... tags: AssetsBanks,CreditBusinessCrisis,EconomicCrunch,cstickersEconomy,United