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Video: Janjuah Says He's `Tactically Bearish' on U.S. Stocks

Jan. 24 Bloomberg -- Bob Janjuah, co-head of cross-asset allocation strategy at Nomura International Plc, talks about the U.S. stock market ... tags: Advisers,Ireland,Machinery,Bank,EuropeanBankruptcies,StockBanks,CreditBonds,Interviews,InvestmentCentralCrunch,

Video: Coronado Says Rate Increase by Fed Is Still `A Ways Off': Video

Jan. 21 Bloomberg -- Julia Coronado, chief economist for North America at BNP Paribas, and Michael Cloherty, head of U.S. interest-rate ... tags: AmericaBanks,CreditBonds,GovernmentBonds,SyndicatedBonds,U.S.BusinessComments,Government

Video: Kraemer Says Bond Sales Don't Mean End to Debt Crisis

Jan. 13 Bloomberg -- Joerg Kraemer, chief economist at Commerzbank AG, discusses bond auctions by Spain, Portugal and Italy. Kraemer speaks ... tags: Bank,EuropeanBanks,CreditBusinessCentralCrisis,Currencies,Economic,Crunch,cstickers

Video: Heller Says Fed Is Creating Problems for Itself With QE2

Jan. 4 Bloomberg -- Former Federal Reserve Governor Robert Heller talks about the Fed's so-called quantitative easing policy and the U.S. ... tags: AmericaBanks,CreditBonds,GovernmentBonds,RealBonds,U.S.BusinessCrisis,Economic

Video: Ross Says Fed QE2 Removes Lingering Double-Dip Risk

Dec. 22 Bloomberg -- Billionaire investor Wilbur Ross, chairman and chief executive officer of WL Ross Co., discusses the economic ... tags: Acquisitions,Multimedia-ExecBanks,CreditBusinessBuyout,Markets,MediaCrisis,Earnings,EarningsCrunch,cstickers

Video: Winkler Says Bloomberg Sues ECB Over Swaps Disclosure

Dec. 22 Bloomberg -- Matthew Winkler, editor-in-chief of Bloomberg News, discusses the news agency's lawsuit against the European Central ... tags: Affairs,Bank,EuropeanBanks,CreditBonds,Greece,Inflation,LegalBusinessCentralcstickers

Video: Bergmann Says European Debt Crisis Remains a Top Risk

Dec. 20 Bloomberg -- Ari Bergmann, managing principal at Penso Advisors LLC, discusses the outlook for market risks in 2011. Bergmann ... tags: Advisers,InvestmentBanks,CreditBonds,Interviews,InvestmentBonds,News,Politics,SovereignBonds,U.S.Businesscstickers

Video: Sinche Says Markets `Skeptical' of EU Debt Mechanism

Dec. 17 Bloomberg -- Robert Sinche, global head of currency strategy at RBS Securities, talks about the European Union's decision to create ... tags: Banks,CreditBonds,Interviews,MediaBusinessCrisis,Currencies,EasternCrunch,cstickersDebt,Emerging

Video: Pimco Raises U.S. Economic Growth Forecast on Stimulus

Dec. 9 Bloomberg -- Pacific Investment Management Co., which manages the worlds biggest bond fund, is raising its forecast for U.S. growth ... tags: AmericaBanks,CreditBonds,GovernmentBonds,SyndicatedBonds,U.S.Crisis,EconomicCrunch,

Video: Yardeni Says Bernanke's 2% Inflation Pledge Not Credible

Dec. 9 Bloomberg -- Edward Yardeni, president and chief investment strategist at Yardeni Research Inc., discusses the U.S. bond market. ... tags: Advisers,MediaAmericaBank,EuropeanBanks,CreditBonds,InfrastructureBonds,SyndicatedBonds,U.S.

Video: Kroszner Calls Bernanke's Defense of QE2 `Right Move'

Dec. 6 Bloomberg -- Former Federal Reserve Governor Randall Kroszner discusses Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke's defense of the ... tags: AssetsBanks,CreditBusinessCrisis,EconomicCrunch,cstickersDept,

Video: Maki Sees High U.S. Unemployment for `Quite Some Time'

Dec. 3 Bloomberg -- Dean Maki, chief economist at Barclays Capital Inc., discusses today's U.S. November jobs report and the outlook for ... tags: Banks,CreditBusinessCrisis,EconomicCrunch,cstickersDept,Economy,United