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Baby Health Videos - 4 by Popular

Last Minute Weight Gain

Since it's almost the end of your pregnancy, your fetus is readying itself by gaining a lot of weight Want more details Watch this quick tip tags: 37_week_fetus38_week_fetusamniobaby_healthbaby_weight_gainend_of_pregnancyfetal_development_information

Eyesight In-Utero

Many pregnant women wonder whether or not their babies can see while they're still inside the womb. Are you curious, too Watch this quick ... tags: amniobaby_eyesightbaby_healthcan_babies_seefetal_development_informationfetal_healthfetus

Fetal Positioning at 7 Months

Even if your fetus is in the breech position at 7 months, it will probably turn by Month 9. How does your doctor determine what position ... tags: 28_weeks_pregnant7_months_pregnantbaby_healthbreech_babybreech_birthbreech_position_babyfetal_development_information

Importance Of Calcium During Pregnancy

Calcium is an integral mineral for both mother and fetus. Watch this to find out how you can get the right amount of it for you and your ... tags: baby_developmentbaby_healthbones_and_calciumcalcium_and_pregnancycalcium_for_babycalcium_supplements_pregnancyfetal_development_information

Is Delivering at 27 Weeks Dangerous?

While a full, 40 week pregnancy is ideal, a baby born at 27 weeks will likely survive. Want to know more about premature births Watch this ... tags: 27_weeks27_weeks_pregnantbaby_born_27_weeksbaby_born_at_28_weeksbaby_healthfetal_development_informationfetus

Is a Late Delivery Safe?

Should you be concerned about your overdue baby's health Thankfully, the answer is no. Find out more about babies born 2 weeks late. tags: 41_weeks_pregnant42_weeks_pregnant:_in-uteroamniobabies_born_latebaby_born_latebaby_healthfetal_development_information

Eye Color in Newborns

The eye color your baby will be born with isn't necessarily the color they will keep. Watch this to find out why a baby's eye color may ... tags: amniobabies_eye_colorbabies_eye_colorsbabies_eye_color_changebaby_eye_colorbaby_healthbaby_with_blue_eyes

Polyhydramnios & Oligohydraminos

Polyhydramnios and oligohydramnios are conditions in which there is either too much or too little amniotic fluid in your uterus. Watch this ... tags: amnioamniotic_fluidamniotic_sacbaby_healthcauses_of_oligohydramniosexcess_amniotic_fluidfetal_development_information

What a Baby Spit-Up Means

Baby spit-up can come in a variety of colors and consistencies. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears is on hand to decipher what each hue says about ... tags: Babybaby_feeding_advicebaby_healthbaby_spit_amountbaby_spit_colorbaby_spit_upfeedingWhat

Symptoms and Treatment for Infant Acid Reflux

Acid reflux doesnt just happen to adults. Pediatrician Dr. Jim Sears demonstrates how the irksome condition affects infants, tells you how ... tags: AcidBaby_acid_refluxbaby_healthDr._Jim_SearsforHealth_PediatricsInfant