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Baby Health Videos - 2 by Popular

Breast Pumping 101

If you're breastfeeding, you may decide to pump your milk at some point. From storing breast milk, to using a breast pump, to buying ... tags: baby_carebaby_healthbreastbreastfeedingbreastmilkbreast_milkbreast_pump

All About Vaccinations

It's time for your newborn's vaccinations, but you're hesitating. Do vaccine shots really provide protection from disease Is there ... tags: babies_shots:_vaccinesbabybaby_carebaby_healthbaby_immunization_shotsbaby_shotsbaby_shots_schedule

Asperger's Disease, Rett Syndrome, and Autism (PDDs)

Asperger's Syndrome. Rett Syndrome. Childhood Disintegrative Disorder. Known collectively as autism spectrum disorders, or persuasive ... tags: aspergersaspergers_symptoms:_babyasperger_syndromeautismautism_childrenautism_spectrum_disorderautism_symptoms

Baby Head Injuries, Bruises, and Bumps

A baby's head is surprisingly hard, but a bump can still cause a concussion, skull fracture, or other injuries. If your baby hurts their ... tags: babybaby_carebaby_concussionbaby_first_aidbaby_headbaby_head_bumpbaby_head_injury

How to Prepare Your Pet for a New Baby

When you bring a newborn into your home, you'll need to prepare your family pet for the infant's arrival. From noise desensitation to smell ... tags: baby_and_catbaby_and_dogbaby_carebaby_healthchild_healthdoctor:_health_videofamily_pet_and_baby

Formula Feeding Problems

When you're formula feeding your baby, improperly sized nipples, broken baby bottles, and even baby formula can cause problems for your ... tags: babybaby_bottlebaby_bottlesbaby_carebaby_foodbaby_formulababy_health

How to Tell What Allergy Your Baby Has

Hives, eczema and rash are all signs of an infant allergy. More serious allergies may manifest as angioedema, or swelling, and anaphylaxis, ... tags: allergensallergic_reactions:_babyallergiesanaphylaxisangioedemababy_allergybaby_allergy_symptoms

Sitting Up: Encouraging Your Baby's Development

One of your baby's first major milestones will be simply sitting up. It's a small thing for you, but for your sitting infant, the ... tags: babies_sit_upbaby_carebaby_developmentbaby_healthbaby_milestones:_babybaby_sitting_upbaby_sitting_up_age

How to Prepare Your Child for a New Baby

Preparing your firstborn to welcome a new baby can be hard. Talking to him about his baby brother or sister, showering him with affection, ... tags: baby_healthbirth_order_effects:_babybrotherchildfamily_healthfamily_relationshipsinfant

Older Siblings and a Newborn: Parenting Tips

When you bring a newborn home, your older child may experience sibling rivalry. You might see temper tantrums and regression-or, your ... tags: baby_healthbirth_order_effects:_babybrotherchildfamily_healthfamily_relationshipsfirst_born

Visiting the Pediatrician: Month 4

Your newborn needs to go back to the pediatrician for another checkup during her fourth month. After all, it's time for a round of ... tags: baby_carebaby_healthbaby_health_month_4baby_vaccinesbaby_weight_month_4causescheckup

Visiting the Pediatrician: Month 9

Your child has entered her ninth month, so it's time to take her back to the pediatrician for a checkup. She only needs one more shot the ... tags: baby_carebaby_healthbaby_weight_9_monthscausescheckupchildproofchildproofing