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Breastfeeding Basics

Your pregnancy is finally over Now, your newborn baby is ready to breast feed and you've got the breast milk... but somehow its not that ... tags: baby_foodbaby_healthboobs_breastfeedingbottle_feedingbreastfeedbreastfeedingbreastfeeding_basics

Raising Autism Awareness Part 1: The Early Signs

Learn how to spot the red flags that may indicate an autism spectrum disorder. The sooner a child is diagnosed with the disorder, the ... tags: asdautismautism_signsautism_spectrum:_babiesautism_symptomsbaby_healthdisorders:_health

Baby's Early Nutritional Needs

Whether you're feeding baby milk or solid food, you'll want your infant to get all the vita and nutrients he needs From choosing iron-rich ... tags: babies_dietbaby:_health_videobaby_developmentbaby_healthbaby_supplementsbreastfeedingbreastfeeding_nutrition

How Much Formula Does Your Baby Need?

If you're feeding your baby formula, you'll want to offer enough to meet his nutritional needs and ensure he isn't hungry, but you won't ... tags: baby:_health_videobaby_bottlebaby_developmentbaby_dietbaby_foodbaby_formulababy_health

Screening For Birth Defects Before Birth

To gauge whether your fetus may have a birth defect, you can have prenatal testing. Most commonly, a Nuchal Translucency Test or ... tags: baby_healthbirth_defect_screeningcystic_fibrosisdoctor:_health_videodown_syndrome_testfetus_healthgenetic_screening

Preventing Birth Defects

If you're pregnant, you may wonder if you can prevent birth defects. Although there is no way to guarantee that your infant will be born ... tags: antibioticbaby_carebaby_developmentbaby_healthcognitive_disabilitycsectiondoctor:_health_video

Understanding Down Syndrome

Down syndrome is a birth defect caused by chromosomal abnormalities. You may choose to test for this before your baby is even born, using ... tags: amniocentesis:_disabilitybaby_carebaby_developmentbaby_healthbirth_defectbirth_defectschorionic_villus_sampling

Birth Defects from Maternal Infection

A congenital disease, like brain damage or cerebral palsy, can be passed from mother to baby via an infection. These birth defects are from ... tags: baby_carebaby_developmentbaby_healthbirth_defectbirth_defectscerebral_palsycognitive_disability

Chromosomal Birth Defects

Some birth defects are due to chromosomal abnormalities in a baby. These include trisomy abnormalities like Down syndrome, and monosomy ... tags: baby_carebaby_developmentbaby_healthbirth_defectbirth_defectschromosomal_abnormalitieschromosome

Baby's Language Development: Spotting Delays

Language development includes speech and non-verbal communication. A developmental delay in language may mean that an infant has a hearing ... tags: baby_carebaby_developmentbaby_healthcerebral_palsydelay_languagedelay_speechdevelopmental_delay

Supplementing Breast Milk with Formula

Whether your milk supply is low, or you just can't always be around to breastfeed, you may decide to supplement breast milk with baby ... tags: baby_bottlebaby_carebaby_developmentbaby_formulababy_healthbottle_feedbreastfeed

Premature Babies: Outlook by Week of Birth

A baby born before week 37 is premature. Premature babies often have low birth weight, and are at some risk for health problems like mental ... tags: babybaby_carebaby_healthdisability_for_preemiesdoctor:_health_videoearly_babyinfant