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Baby Development Videos - 7 by Popular

Fetal Development Week Twenty Seven

During week 27 of pregnancy, your trimester will come to a close, and your baby will be bigger for the experience. At this point of fetal ... tags: 27_weeksbabiesbaby_developmentbaby_hiccupsend_of_second_trimesterfetal_developmentfetal_development_video

Sitting Up: Encouraging Your Baby's Development

One of your baby's first major milestones will be simply sitting up. It's a small thing for you, but for your sitting infant, the ... tags: accomplishmentarrestbabybaby_developmentbaby_milestonesgymnasticsinfant

How To Help Your Baby Learn To Walk

One of the most anticipated milestones of being a new parent is your baby's first step. But before he walks, he'll need about 1,000 hours ... tags: babiesbabybaby_developmentbaby_milestonesbaby_stepsbaby_walkbaby_walking

Fetal Development Week Seventeen

Don't sweat week 17 of pregnancy-although your baby may His or her sweat glands have started to form now, and those miniature bones have ... tags: 17_weeks_pregnantarteriesbabiesbaby_developmentblood_testscomedyfetal_development

Fetal Development Week Eighteen

In week 18 of pregnancy, you better get talking-or singing-to your belly After all, fetal development has progressed to the point where ... tags: 18_weeks_pregnantbaby_developmentbonesbutterflycloudeighteen_weeks_pregnantfetal_development

Fetal Development Week Twenty Three

Your fetal development video update is an interesting one during this, your week 23 of pregnancy. Why Your baby has now learned to sleep ... tags: 23_weeksasleepbaby_developmentbaby_kicksbarelyfetal_developmentfetal_development_video

Fetal Development Week Twenty Five

Your baby has always been covered with a warm, furry coating of fur called lanugo, but during week 25 of your pregnancy, his or her head ... tags: 25_weeksbaby_developmentbaby_hairdownhillfetal_developmentfetal_development_videofetal_development_week_25

Fetal Development Week Twenty Six

Welcome to week 26 of pregnancy, where your fetus is super-busy practicing for life outside of your womb-from lungs that breathe amniotic ... tags: 26_weeksbaby_developmentbaby_heartbeatcouragecucumberfetal_developmentfetal_development_video

Fetal Development Week 40 (Pregnancy Health Guru)

By week 40, fetal development should be 100-percent complete and your baby will be bornor just about Wondering what to expect for the next ... tags: 40_weeksadvicebaby_developmentblogdeliverydevelopmentfetal

Fetal Development Week 39 (Pregnancy Health Guru)

By week 39 of your pregnancy, you're probably not doing much but waiting out this whole fetal development thing. Check out some helpful ... tags: 39_weeksadvicebaby_developmentbaby_eye_colorblogdevelopmentfetal