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The Visitation

This audio/visual composition was made entirely from audio cassette field recordings and cell phone video clips. All content recorded at ... tags: Avant-gardeColoradoDenverExperimental_filmField_Recording

Pim Zond - Minimalist Doom Metal Improv

Experimental noise guitarist approaches the end. Of something Doom experiments and searching for the death metallic freuencies only a ... tags: ambientavant-gardedarkDoom_metalexperimentalGuitarheavy

Pim Zond - Ice ZOMBIES -New VIDEO and Music from Album Narwhal

Are there Ice ZOMBIES No black ops required to listen to new music by Pim Zond, a real-life avant-garde ambient zombie track excerpt from ... tags: abstract_musicArcticAvant-gardeExperimental_musiciTunesMusic_videoNarwhal

Künstlerisch: George Clooney sieht nur noch Punkte

George Clooney sieht nur noch Punkte. Der Hollywoodstar hat sich im Namen der Kunst von der 84-jhrigen japanischen Avantgarde-Knstlerin ... tags: Avant_GardeGeorge_ClooneyKunstPunkteW_MagazinYayoi_Kusamazoomin

Pim Zond - Tokyo Starship Noise Monster- Music VIDEO UNDERGROUND GOTHIC AMBIENCE

Avant-garde MUSIC project of noise ambient VIDEO clip for music by Pim Zond, playing with starship noise monster in a fantasy castle in ... tags: Alternative_rockart_rockavant-gardeExperimental_musicGuitaristMusic_downloadMusic_video

Pim Zond - Prepared Solo for Disturbed GUITAR & Percussion New MUSIC Video

Prepared electric guitar solo by Pim Zond, music video snippet from album 'Ethical Treatment of Machines'. Original music by Pim Zond, with ... tags: Avant-gardeavant-garde_musicbest_original_musicbuy_musicbuy_music_itunesdownload_musicElectric_guitar

Pim Zond Smallest Mandolin Cute Improv Music Video

Experimental guitarist Pim Zond plays free-style improv MUSIC on smallest mandolin in the world video snippet. tags: Avant-gardecutefunnyHumourmandolinmusicoriginal

Cool Sh#t Fashion - Masks

MASKS Cool Shit Fashion with Clarissa Dolphin explores the mysterious world of the Mask in this episode, an accessory traditionally ... tags: alison_bradyavant-gardebruno_dayanclarissa_dolphincool_shtdavid_gueringerdigital_series

Chowder Throat

This video was created solely using audio cassette field recordings and video shot on a cell phone over a week and half tour. All recorded ...

Ice Cream CRUSH

Having fun with ice cream... stop motion photography, avant-garde look.

Pythian Whispers - The Shadows of Clouds on Mountains

Pythian Whispers - The Shadows of Clouds on Mountains

Mario Strack - "Disarmament"

MusiClip - written, composed, designed, performed and produced by Mario Strack - c universal arts Galerie Studio GmbH