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Libya rebels accused of war atrocities

Libya's new rulers are at risk of being accused of the same kind of abuses they fought to overthrow as international watchdog groups ...

UN slams "unspeakable atrocities" among North Korean inmates

Conditions in North Korea's prison camps have been compared to those discovered in Nazi jails after the World War in a new UN report.The ...

Pope decries Syrian atrocities

Addressing the crowd gathered in Saint Peter's Square, Pope Francis offers prayers for Syria. Responding to the suspected use of chemical ... tags: atrocitieschemicalcivilcommunitycountrysdecriesend

Atrocities in Syria US State Department Global News Video

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State William Burns fields a question about the recent atrocities committed by the Syrian military during a visit ... tags: atrocitiesdepartmentglobalnewsstatesyriavideo

Graphic video is claimed to show Syrian atrocities

Shocking video has emerged on social network websites purporting to show Syrian rebels throwing government fighters from a tall building ... tags: AleppoatrocitiesclaimedeuronewsGraphicshowSyrian

Hoodlums immolate girl in Maharastra, police investigate

In a tragic and atrocious behavior against woman, a girl has been immolated alive by some hoodlums in Maharastra, Bandaras Kharbi area. The ... tags: AtrocitiesHotimmolationMaharastraonSexyWoman

Seminar on International Al-Quds day held in Karachi

The International Al-Quds day is being discussed here in a seminar in the port city of Karachi. The seminar was organized by the Karachi ... tags: atrocitiesdayirankarachipalestinequdsseminar

Libya - Push for no-fly UN vote, fears of 'major ...

Libya - Supporters of a no-fly zone called for a vote Thursday on a U.N. resolution aimed at stopping Gaddafis planes carrying out attacks. ... tags: atrocitiesfearsforcesmajorfranceGaddafiLibyano-fly

US soldier convicted of Afghan atrocities

A US army sergeant, Calvin Gibbs, faces a maximum life sentence, after being convicted by court-martial of murdering unarmed civilians and ... tags: AfghanAfghanistanatrocitiesconvictedCrimeeuronewssoldier

Exposed: how Kosovo Serbs were butchered for organs

Former chief prosecutor at the International Court of Justice in the Hague has given details of suspected atrocities by ethnic Albanians in ... tags: atrocitiesCarlacrimesDelKosovoorganPonte

'Atrocities in Kosovo hushed up'

Covering up the atrocities committed in Kosovo against the non-Albanian population is ultimately a betrayal of hopes of building a ... tags: atrocitiesbetrayalfilmmakerKosovoNinoslavRandjelovicsociety