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Norwegian Muslims hold Ashura procession, candlelight vigil

The sound of drum beat echoes through the streets of Oslo. It is a centuries-old tradition from the Middle East symbolizing the battle of ... tags: AshuraEuropeIslamMuslimNorway

Muharram in Tehran

This edition of Iran covers 1 Muharram in Tehran 2 Mahak Charity Organization 3 Smart Schools 4 Dubbing tags: AshuraCharityDubbImam_HusseinIranMahakMuharram

Millions of Pakistani mourners mark Ashura

At your service O Hussain Ibn-e-Ali. This is the slogan of these mourners on Ashura Day in the port city of Karachi, most of whom spent ... tags: AshuraAsia-PacificIslamMuslimPakistan

Shia Muslims in Nigeria mark Day of Ashura

Thousands of Shia Muslims in Nigeria marked the Day of Ashura across the country. tags: AfricaAshuraIslamMuslimNigeriaShia

Pilgrims pour to Damascus shrine to mark Ashura

This is Sayyidah Zaynab shrine in Damascus countryside, right in the heart of a raging war against Syria for over two and a half years. The ... tags: AshuraIslamMiddle_EastSyria

Nasrallah: Syria pillar of resistance

The secretary general of Lebanons resistance movement, Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah, attended the annual mass march in Lebanon to mark the ... tags: AshuraIslamLebanonMiddle_EastMuslimShia

Muharram in Iran

Iranians like millions of Muslims around the world mark the beginning of the lunar month of Muharram known as the month of sorrow, grief, ... tags: AshuraAutism_in_EthiopiaItaly_food_industryMuharram_in_IranPolitical_FootballPress_TV

What was the message of Imam Hussein?

The Prophet Muhammad PBUH endured tremendous challenges to help his followers in all aspects of their worldly and spiritual lives. tags: 10th_of_MuharramAshurabattle_of_KarbalaImam_HusseinIslamMuslimsPress_TV

Rampant violence in Iraq

More than 40 people have been killed in terrorist attacks against mourners marking the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hussein PBUH in Iraq. tags: AshuraBaghdadcar_bombingsDiyala_provinceGeorge_GallowayHafriyah_townImam_Hussein_martyrdom