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Arrests after gunmen shoot 11 times at shop workers

Two men have been arrested over a drive-by shooting in Italy almost two years ago, where two people on a scooter shot 11 times at two shop ... tags: armed_robberyarrestscalabria_-_Italian_regioncctvcctv_cameradrive-bydrive_by

Tupelo cop killer is dead

Federal agents say the suspected bank robber and copper--believed to have been the masked gunman connected to three separate crime ... tags: armed_robberyfatal_shootingGale_StaufferMississippi_bank_robberypolice_manhuntTupelo_officer_shot

State looks for Tupelo bank robbers

New at ten, the reward offered to find the bank robbers who gunned down a Tupelo police officer has jumped to more than one hundred- sixty ... tags: armed_robberyfatal_shootingGale_StaufferMississippi_bank_robberypolice_manhuntTupelo_officer_shot

Tupelo officer killed

Developing tonight, a state-wide manhunt is underway for the men accused of killing an officer and leaving another in critical condition. tags: armed_robberyfatal_shootingGale_StaufferMississippi_bank_robberypolice_manhuntTupelo_officer_shot

Rogers police arrest bank robbery suspect

Rogers police arrest bank robbery suspect, Jeremy Jarvis, within 24 hours from the start of the police investigation. tags: Armed_RobberyJeremy_JarvisPolice_InvestigationRobbery_Suspect_ArrestedRogers_Bank_RobberyStolen_Money

Jewelry store robbery suspect caught after I-4 chase

The alleged mastermind in a Tampa jewelry store robbery was arrested in Orange County after a chase in the area of Interstate 4 and Kirkman ... tags: Anthony_Mina_Wahbaarmed_robberyBryan_Bobby_BeaudoinClyde_Bernard_Johnson_IIInternational_Diamond_CenterOrange_County_highway_chaseTampa_jewelry_store_robbery

Police say man behind armed robbery in New Hampshire met victim on dating site

Police in Keene, New Hampshire, say a man suspected in an armed robbery met his victim on an online dating website. tags: armed_robberyKeeneNew_Hampshireonline_datingPlenty_of_fishWMUR

Police hand out new guide to help catch criminals

A slew of recent robberies inspired state police in Rutland to come up with a guide for shop owners and employees, educating them on what ... tags: armed_robberycatching_crimes_in_wallingfordcrime_preventioncumberland_farmsvermont_state_policewitness_guide

SWAT team surrounds TD Bank in North Palm Beach

The SWAT team surrounds a TD Bank branch in North Palm Beach after a masked gunman pistol-whipped three employees during a robbery. tags: Armed_RobberyFlorida_Bank_RobberyMasked_GunmanNorth_Palm_Beach_CrimesPalm_Beach_County_Sheriffs_OfficeSWAT_Team

Woman horrified that 2 boys attempted to rob her

Amanda Maki said she was horrified that two children ages 11 and 14 were the ones attempting to rob her at knife point in Maryland. tags: Armed_RobberyAttempted_RobberyGlen_BurnieHeld_At_Knife_PointPolice_InvestigationWalmart_Crimes

Auto shop manager shot

The manager of a Jackson auto repair shop is recovering after a robber shot him. tags: Armed_RobberyAuto_Shop_ShootingCar_Care_ClinicJackson_Shooting_IncidentPolice_InvestigationRobinson_Road_Crimes