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Ben Heck's Holiday Workshop - The Ben Heck Show

Ben gets into the holiday spirit and plays the part of an elf in Santa's workshop. He builds the ultimate toy that he thinks would be a ... tags: arduinoben_heckelement14h-bridgemotorsmotor_controlping_sensor

Arduino Adventures and Surface Mount Soldering - Let's Make It - Episode 37 - -

This week we take a look at a book specifically written to teach kids the Arduino. The book is called the Arduino Adventures. We look at a ...

How to Make a Giant Robot Mech - How to Make Tech for a Giant Robot Mech (5/7)

The WIRED giant robot mech is STANDING TALL and looking good after it's assembly and paint job ... now it's time to BRING IT TO LIFE with ...

Ep. 1245: Where we print with fire

'FireWriter' is a far sexier way to describe an inkjet printer that uses a butane-filled blowtorch to spray pixelated images onto a variety ...

Intel Underscores Focus On Maker Market, Furthers X86 With Galileo

It's obvious that, as of recent times anyway, Intel has had their work cut out for themselves with adjacent and new market opportunities ...

Ben Heck's LCD Hack Challenge - The Ben Heck Show

Ben takes on the challenge to hack a cheap LCD and see if he can make it work after removing it from the original driver board. He shares ...

Getting Started with Texas Instrument's LaunchPad - The Ben Heck Show

Learn the basics of the LaunchPad development board

Bionic Bike Bag - The Ben Heck Show

Ben and Alyson work together to create a DIY bike light and turn signal. Alyson crafts a fabric patch that attaches to a backpack and Ben ... tags: arduinobatteriesdeviceeaglegamingledslilypad

Ecard Reader Hardware : badgeuses pour l'ECE paris école d'ingénieurs - PPE 2012

L'ECE a depuis longtemps eu dans ses ambitions d'installer des badgeuses l'entre des salles de cours. Non seulement cela simplifierait la ... tags: 2012arduinoecardhardwareppereaderrfid

Toa Mata Band Episode1

Add me on Facebook Follow Blog The Official Toa Mata Band's debut, more tunes are coming soon...keep in touch tags: ArduinoBandGlockenspieliPadMataopificiorobots

Toa Mata Band - Episode2

Toa Mata Band is back and for the first time they perform live In this video some various drum-synth and glockenspiel keys are played by ... tags: AlesisArduinobandElectronicaGiuseppeLivemata

Android to the Rescue: Another Time-Saving Invention from Ben! - The Ben Heck Show

Tired of burned dinner Stir your pots remotely Ben uses Android and an Arduino to make another lazy-man invention Who says you can't play ... tags: apparduinodenflavorsgeekofother